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New here and I just got a meyers 26000 meyers HomePlow Well used, was a good deal at the time. But I have learned that the person cut the pistol grip controller (22827) and I have had to replace the Master solenoid. Right now I can put the blade up (using the Blue and red wire) and put the blade down using (the White and Blue wire). I know this is not the best way to use this plow but I am Stuck.. I Have bought the S2 and S1 solenoid from the Local Muskoka Auto Parts store. It is not the 15150 part number from Meyers solenoid but one that is from a Boss same thing just have to a Bladed connectors on to my lead wires.. save me from having to pay out $125 CAD it cost only $35 CAD. they didn't have the Valves but I will jump off that bridge when I get there. My questions are as follows

1. Does any one have a wiring diagram for connecting my pistol grip that has the 6 following colours
Red, Black, Pink, Blue, white and Orange.

Hand Plant Gesture Finger Creative arts

The line from the Jeep harness is Red, Black, Black with white stripe, White, Blue and Yellow.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Line Garden hose Bicycle handlebar

I am Buying a Molex 6 pin set to connect them but need to know which one goes where... So any help would be great.

2. Anyone can recommend a replacement for the Dual Action Hydraulic cylinder or a refurbish kit for it the Meyers Part number is 05817 for the DA Hydraulic cylinder.

I think this will help with a alternative I got this info about it: ang cyl 1.75 x 8 sae 6

3. anyone can lead me to a Video of how to replace said S1, S2 Valves and solenoids?

Thanks in advance:
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