Cut out fender flares on older Dodges

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I have a 75 Dodge shortbox I'm getting ready to paint. The fenderwells are rusted out around the wheel openings. Since this is a work truck/plow truck, I'm not going to sink a lot of time and money into the bodywork. I'm planning on cutting out the wheel openings and installing flares. This will eliminate the worst of the rust, plus it will allow me to run 36" tires.

I'm curious if anybody has used Bushwacker cut out flares, or the cheap ones from JC Whitney? If so what are your impressions of these products. I'm intrigued with the JC Whitney ones as they are cheap. But don't know if the quality is up to snuff with the Bushwackers.

Finished the color change on the interior this week, and now am getting ready to start on the body. Going to be a low-buck job. Minimal body work. Shoot some primer, Then topcoat with black. Picked up a headache rack for 5 bucks. Moved by backup lights to the rack, going to but my beacon up there also. Now to find some used 36's or even 38's cheaply! Going to be a play truck too.

Should probably put some lower gears in too. But with a 440 and a NP435, Think I'll let it slide for now. No money in budget for gears right now.
Ok, I realize this is an old thread, but I have to say, DON'T BOTHER WITH THE BUSHWACKERS!!! They are supposed to be great on a chevy or ford, but dodge used a different design for the inner/outer fenders. It is supposed to be a LOT of work to get them on and looking halfway decent. I would go with the surface mount flares the JC Whitney has. They seem to be a MUCH simpler design, and might work better depending on how much rust you have to cut out.
Just my $.02!

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