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I have this old guy that owns a building next to mine zoned half and half comm./ resid. I charged him $45 to plow per trip about a 12-14 car parking area.I did it three times first time was little snow he was fine second time i was out of town but i had the lot covered for plowing and they had to do twice becuse of the amount when i sent him the bill he went nuts and i told him i won't let my trucks push more than 6" of snow so he paid finnally.Then the third time he I plowed and we had over 9" of snow and i had to do it twice sent a bill for $80 ,$45 for the 1st time and $35 for the 2nd.And all i got was $60 in the mail with a note don't plow my drive under any circumstanses.I said ok but I never cashed the check.He called today from last year wanting to know why I havn't cashed his check and I told him I was waiting for the other $20 dollars but I really wasn't.Then I noticed that he called three more times for the caller ID when I was gone Must of found out that no one else wil plow such and area only once with more than 6" or that they want way more to do it than I did.But you know what I don't want to plow his thing any more I will laugh as my drive is clean and his tenents complaine for the cheap price he got.

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Why not? Price it fairly, then get payment in advance, when the well runs low he either sends you another check or heads out there with his trusty ol single speed Snowbird.

Probably the thing that bugs me the LEAST is customer gripes, I just let it go in one side and out the other (unless its legit).

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