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Kind of bored waiting for the "ice event that didn't happen" so thought I'd pass on the latest "plow story". I know everybody's got a million of them.

Last place I went to give a price, the guy told me that he wanted me to come in off the road and basically plow in a "Y' with one leg about five times a long as the other. No reason to plow in the middle of the legs. "OK, $25 for 3" to 6" etc". He thought that was real good price so we shook hands, I gave him my handout and left. I no more get back home, sit at the computer and log onto PlowSite than the phone rings. It's his girlfriend, all upset and saying "this is no good, is this all I'm getting for my $25?, I need all that area (in the middle of the "Y" cleared out and I am not at all happy" Since it's dark by then, I make plans to go back Saturday when she'll be home. So I stew all day Friday, figuring there'll be a confrontation and figuring I either won't get it or won't take it. So Saturday it's raining, I go out there and she explains that she has a weekend business where customers park in that area and back horse trailers in there etc. I had told her on the phone that it would be more to clear that area, but wanted to see what she wanted before I gave her a price. What she wanted amounted to another couple of straight pushes of about fifteen feet and push the snow against the house to act as insulation. I said "ok, another $5 for a 3" to 6" push". She think that's fair, is real happy. Come to find out, she says her boyfriend was trying to save money and, instead of asking, figured it would double the area to be pushed so would double the price. The kicker is that he's in a similar type of self employment, himself.

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