Customer refuses to sign my contract

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    Yes you got to provide for your 3 kids and protect your real estate and assets. I had a NSP send me a contract. I can't remember how many pages it was, I knew I was not going to pay my attorney to look it over, My attorney is not cheap he would charge 2 hours plus to look the contract over. I decided to pass and the contract went in the trash.

    Always be cautious even if you have a good relationship with a client, You could fall out with somebody anytime. You know as well as I know. Repeat clients is the name of the game. Remember the road you took when you started out and had no repeat clients and had to work hard to establish and get your good name out there.

    The ones that have you perform services year after year without taking bids or seeking other Contractors is your bread and butter. Good Luck
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    If I were in your shoes I would ask him to red-line those things in my contract that he doesn't agree with. Or ask him to draft his own. This will allow you to see his intent more clearly. Sometimes our contracts can appear unfair to clients.
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    That’s a good way to find out, what they’re concerns are.
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    Has he asked to be named as an "additionally insured" on your liability ins cert?
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    I actually "avoided" liability on one slip and fall because I didn't have a written contract! I was considered "on call" and there were no promises made in writing. I was just a guy who showed up and pushed the snow. Contracts are worth about the same as toilet paper. They rarely hold up under relentless onslaught. You can't protect yourself from the games lawyers play. Once a claim comes in its out of your hands anyway. The ins company takes over, your only imput is to provide info. They may settle a silly claim to avoid more costs and drop you for it! One good thing is it seems the tide has turned a bit against these frivolous lawsuits.
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    Can you share the contract? I have been looking for one for my commercial accounts.