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Customer list/chart

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by atvriderinmass, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. atvriderinmass

    atvriderinmass Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some sort of graph,chart or list that i can use to put all my customers in. I'm sick of using a notebook writing all these names in every storm. I'd like to beable to check them off after i do them and if they paid or not. If this has been posted before sorry. I looked and couldnt find anything. Thanks
  2. Metro Lawn

    Metro Lawn PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,306

    Try getting some type of billing software such as Quickbooks, Clip, or My Invoices ect.
  3. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    I think that invoice program with "gopher" in the name let's you do that. Infact I know it does. I wanna say it's gopher haul but I'm not possitive. Also SIMA might have something.
  4. MarksTLC

    MarksTLC Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    I use a simple Excel worksheet. It has the customer, their contact info, address and a space for date and time of service. That's what I carry with me. The worksheet on the computer has a place for payment info, Balance due and when/how they paid.

    Quickbooks is a great program. Just takes sometime to setup for your specific needs. Good luck.

    THEGOLDPRO PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,136

    i type lists up in word and print them up for every storm, this is the list my brother gets for his plow route, i get a similer list for my plow route just with diffrent names on it, then i have a master list with all the names on it incase i have a sub thats plowing for me, i blocked the names out incase someone from my area is on here, i dont want them getting the names and addresses to all my plowing accounts.
  6. fireboy6413

    fireboy6413 Senior Member
    Messages: 396

    Microsoft excel has worked best for me,
  7. Raymond S.

    Raymond S. Senior Member
    Messages: 513

    Gopher. Setup a macro with your snow customers and when you're done you mark complete, automatically sends to completed jobs and then
    invoice. Inexpensive and efficient.
  8. JohnRoscoe

    JohnRoscoe Senior Member
    Messages: 209

    Another vote for Excel, make sure to include columns for salt used, time shoveling, etc. to refine your costs and bid better in the future.
  9. JayD2

    JayD2 Senior Member
    Messages: 309

    Good points in here...
  10. Welderguy24

    Welderguy24 Member
    Messages: 87

    Are you looking for something like this?

    Attached Files:

  11. JayD2

    JayD2 Senior Member
    Messages: 309

    Nice Job Man......I like it!
  12. snowtech

    snowtech Member
    Messages: 66

    ours is similar, we use quick books for billing but for the route drivers they all get an excel master spread sheet with name and location, on site start time, on site completion time for each service plow, shovel, salt ect. then the last column is for notes, special dirctions, special requests, ect ect. that way every driver has all the info for each account so if one truck goes down anyone can finnish his route b/c everyone has the same info.
  13. JayD2

    JayD2 Senior Member
    Messages: 309

    You have a blank one to post on here, I would like to see that too.
  14. snowtech

    snowtech Member
    Messages: 66

    i will try to remember to post it in the morning, i am home now and of course that is on the computer at the shop.
  15. JayD2

    JayD2 Senior Member
    Messages: 309

    OK, I liked the other one the guy threw up on here, but I thougt, man, it would nice to have the other info that you said on it too.
  16. snowtech

    snowtech Member
    Messages: 66

    it has been great for me because when ever a client calls and asks about a service i can tell them what truck was there what time they started plowing what time they completed plowing what time they started shoveling what time they completed shoveling ect ect. it puts any question to what we did when to rest in a hurry.
  17. JayD2

    JayD2 Senior Member
    Messages: 309

    Oh cool......I can hardly wait to se it.
  18. atvriderinmass

    atvriderinmass Senior Member
    Messages: 147

    I decided to go with a column book i got at walmart. I put the name and location in the first column then when i plow each one i put a check mark in one box and when they pay i check mark another box and it has 15 columns for dates so i dont have to keep writing the names in. Really nice book for $6. Thanks alot guys