curtis won't move

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  1. plow north

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    Need some input motor runs but plow will not move in eny direction pump is full of fluid does enyone have eny idea's what the problem may be.
  2. bow2no1

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    have u had any wonk done on it reciently?
    sounds like the hydraulic block is bad..... thats what happened to mine about a month ago.....about 750 for a new one!
  3. cotter

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    ground to the coils?
  4. MadLion90

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    What model plow we talking about here. If the pump works but you hear like a whining sound then its most likely a block. Usually starts moving real slow til it finally stops moving. If so you need to open it up and clear the blockage. I posted on here somewhere recently about having water in the system which freezes over night or in cold weather. Try heating the resevoir area and see if it works after. Here's the link for that thread:
  5. amocerino

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    You need to check if it has a bad oring on the pump.The easy way to check have the control in lift or use the jack switch and see if the oil is move alot in the tank.Check how the oil is it may need the screen cleaned on the pump.
  6. 600rrpilot

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    buy a different plow, problem solved. I was a big fan of mine for the first year, now I plan on cutting it up for scrap with my oxy/acet torch in the spring.
  7. Stan MI

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    That's just not cool !!! These are great plows that (like everything) need a little maintenance every now and then. That's why we are here. I think this forum also gets the fastest help from the manufacturer as well.
  8. mycirus

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    Mine didnt move when I pulled it out of the garage this year. I put it up against a tree, angled right, gave a little gas and freed it up. Then I got it serviced and its been fine since.
  9. 600rrpilot

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    Lol...No its not cool. Ive have mine for 6 years. In all fairness I have never had any MAJOR problems until now. Aside from the thing burning up my front control module 4 times. (Curtis did replace it for me) after I designed a new wiring harness with relays. Now my pump went bad.
  10. OP
    plow north

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    thanks for all the help gentelman the hydrolics had water in it we drained and replaced the fluid everything works great . and no to 600rrpilot comment to replaces the plow had it for 7 years just started to have small issues with it. other then that it has been good. I have another question does anyone use a curtis sno pro fast-cast 2000 with vibratoe kit will it through the salt sand mix.
  11. bow2no1

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    i dunno, i have had mine for 3 years. and i have replaced all the hydraulic hoses, the hydraulic manifold, lift ram, head lights, wiring harness, jack switch, and now the ram on the jack it self is broke.... the end some how unscrewed it self and now the threads are messed up.
    had to have one of the plow hook handles welded back on after it broke off.
    the plastic cover over the hydraulics isn't exactly top quality. and i'm definitely not impressed how it is held on. i have replaces those nail tab tings with real bolts!

    right now i bought a parts plow, thankfully in good standing condition.
    i have to replace the frame work on mine and the plow hook up handles because everything if just getting wore out. even my plow blade it self has a couple holes right through it from rust. and yes, i take it to the car wash after EVERY storm and wash it off and it get a coat of paint every year!

    I'm sorry, but i'm far from impressed.
    what i do like is that it is very easy to hook up.
    the hide away hydraulics give it a cleaner look but it's difficult to work on.
  12. diabel1969

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    I've been viewing this site for a few years now as I've got a 8 year old Curtis snow pro, and needed some info.. I actually signed up just to reply to this post.

    WOW.. it's a plow man! it sits on the front of our trucks, gets covered in salt, and slams crap non stop.. of course it's going to have issues!

    First thing's first.. I picked up my curtis USED at a great price. Ended up having to buy both harness'.. truck side and plow side. the connector LOCATION is the worst part of this plow. when i'm stacking or back dragging ALOT of snow, it will flex up to the point the lights will go out, so I'm intending to move them this summer. The orange powder coat sucks. matter of fact, look at ANY plow that's coated and they all SUCK. it gets chipped, and then moisture and salt seep in, and then you've got a bubble, and then it rots out under the coating. So.. my first year, I sanblasted and ground off every single piece of coating on that plow. I got some nice self etching primer, and painted it yellow on the front and satin black on the back (less flash in your face when it's stacking from the lights), and I touch up the paint yearly. I've had the hoses go bad, and that kick stand one is a pain to change!! I had one hose split and the metal sheathing in the hose shorted out the electrical and started the whole unit on fire while attached to my truck, melting a huge hole in that plastic cover. I sucked it up, got all new hoses, pop rivited some tin to the cover, siliconed it to make it water tight, replaced my melted jackstand switch and kept on going... My one handle broke off. YUP.. go figure. it rusted.. in the northeast.. who would have thought that would ever happen?? so I cut it completely off, sleeved it with some steel tubing I picked up at home depot, got my trusty lincoln mig out of my garage and welded it all back together. Bottom line. it's a snowplow. they're not treated with respect and require maintenance to perform they're job.. I've had other plows, and they all peformed very well. My friends all have westerns, or fishers, a boss, etc.. but they all envy how quick this curtis goes on and come's off my truck and how well it performs..
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  13. 00 Ram

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    I'm having the same issue, and I already changed the fluid, removed the reservoir, and the screen looked clean. (sprayed it out with some gumout, anyway).
    now the issue has returned. I took the cover off and removed the fill plug, and I can see the fluid level rise when operating the jack switch, and go back down when I let go of the switch...but what does that mean?