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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by John DiMartino, Jan 26, 2000.

  1. John DiMartino

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    I was looking into a Curtis plow.I have never heard of them before.Does anyone have any experience or advice about them.They advertise a real quick mount and dismount and clean brackets.I only buy Fisher after bad experiences with lighter plows,but I would try a different plow if it mounts better than my minute mount and the connectors are better.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    They are popular in my area. The guy's I've talked to really like them. They're built really tough. We use all V-Plows, so we've never bought one.
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    Alocal landscapeing & Supply Co. we buy salt from just became a dealer for Curtis last year. One of our subcontractors bought one last year. It seems to have held up pretty well. It was this guys first year plowing, and man did it take a beating. He hit the corner of a curb so hard he torqued the front of his truck up (Glad he drives his oun truck). Anyway, the plow has held up. <br>I am a Western guy myself, so there are somethings about it that I would miss. <br>Although we did buy a Curtis hydro, v box spreader. This has been great so far. A 5 hp Briggs(blah) powers a hydro pump, which moves the convayor and spins the spinner. As opposed to an eletric clutch, pully, and chains. <br>Curtis has a website:<p>hope his helps, let me know.<p>Andy &gt;ADM Property Services, Inc.
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    John DiMartino

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    Thanks Lazer ana Andy for the info.I'm going to look at one on a truck and if I like how fast it cycles and looks,I might buy one for my Dodge 2500.They only show a 7.5,in their ad.I'll see how long it takes to get an 8ft'er
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    I work with a company and they use on Curtis Plows. He just bought another and it must be a quick mount because it doesn't take him any time to mount it and then take it off to go somewhere else. I would have to say he must be satisfied otherwise he wouldn't continue using them.<br>Eric