Curtis Plows


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Amy of you guys have one or heard of one. I just got one last week and am having problems with the hydrolics ans silenoids. Any advice much appreciated.


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Yes we have heard of them, but no one has complained of any issues with them. I hear they have a great tech line, so give them a call in the am, and I am sure they will help you out.

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I have one, the only issue I have had is that the ground is through the plow frame. There is a bolt on the back side of the hydraulic power back that grounds the unit. If that bolt is loose, the plow acts up, if it works at all. The behavior was very similar to when I had solenoid troubles with my old Western. Also, I have the installtions / owners manual that has the wiring diagrams etc. You probably have that already, but if you need a copy let me know.


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With regard to Rob's post about ground problems, I remember reading in a troubleshooting guide to automotive wiring: "When electrical stuff acts wierd, look for bad grounds"

Good thing about that is, adding a ground cable is simple to do. If you want to be able to unhook the ground cable without unbolting, install the quick-disconnect (twist to lock) fittings used on welding cable.

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Yeah, Lesco used to sell them.

I recall seeing them as recent as last season.

Haven't seen any this fall, but I haven't been in too often, either. (Gotta take those fall vacations!)


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Quad Cities IL.
The solenoid valve switch was actually bad on the one I bought, for directional.I bought it at a Lesco dealer. They don`t handle them now, but theres two places close to me that are dealers. Verify the solenoid valve coils are getting juice 1st. They told me to take em out and blow em out ,I did and when they sent me the long awaited switch----bingo.That whole assembly is easy to take out, messy but you dont have to be a contortionist .Just something you may consider. After that I`ve had no problems with the unit ,I like it because it`s a heavy duty plow.Put the 8" rubber belt across the top and secure it with flat steel and fasteners .I either used 5\16 or 1\4" bolts, then drilled every 8 or 10",painted the strip with Allis Chalmer orange so it looked factory. Tommorrow a.m. I`m having pro wings put on it.Makes it go 10'wide for straight pushes.
In Syracuse NY there are 2 dealers. I have seen a couple
straight blade setups around. My bud has a 8 ft straight
mounted on a late model Dodge. He sez no problems
and bought it used CHEAP !
The dealers advertise aggressively (spl)..I priced one
before I bought my western.......Curtis wanted $3200
same price as Fisher ! Western only $2900........