Curtis Plows- What do you think?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by plowguy06, Jan 12, 2001.

  1. plowguy06

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    I am a non-buyer, but I am interested in the various brands and models of plows. Anyway, I recently received a video and brochure from Curtis about their hitch and run plows. I just wanted to know if anyone has one and what they think of them. Thanks
  2. Dusty

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    I saw the prototype being manufactured at the machine shop outside of Worcester MA and I was impressed with the way it was designed. Don't know if that was the final design, but it was well engineered and built.
  3. dtm

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    I have been using a curtis for three years now and no proplems so far. the plow is heavy-duty and you will need at least a one ton truck. the hook up is as easy as a western.
  4. cat320

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    I have seen the Curtis plows and always woundered how the hydraulics stay in the fram so low to the ground.For example is it easy to change the fluid,does snow and ice get built up on them.I would love to see that video on them in action.
  5. GeoffD

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    I have them on my New Holland tractos. However no truck mounted curtis plows. The work ok but not the best choice out there. The have some products that they are one of the only companies building.

  6. Chuck Smith

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    I saw a demo of one at the Lawn Site BBQ back in Sept. at nysnowpros (John Parker's) place. Obviously it wasn't plowing. I just got to check out the design, and see how quickly it can be hitched and unhitched from the truck. It hooked up really fast. The hydraulics were fast. I like the bracing on the back of the moldboard. It seems like a VERY heavy duty, well built unit. I didn't like the idea of the hydraulics being so low to the ground, but the plow itself seems strong. That's all I know.

  7. PAPlow

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    A friend of mine recently purchased the 9' plow. So far so good. Nice design...very heavy duty construction. Easier on & off than my Meyers.
  8. OP

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  9. mdb landscaping

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    i saw a guy who plows a driveway across the street with a brand new f 350 dump with a curtis on it. three storms later he had a fischer on it. we asked him what happened to the curtis and he said he sheared it right off the truck. said it was junk. this could just be his opinion but i thought id pass it along
  10. plowking35

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    My guess would be a botched install, or rough operator. The only time I have seen a plow mount fall off the truck is when one or both of these things happened.
  11. Iceman

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    My brother owned a 7 1/2 Curtis and loved the thing. He put a set a wings on it and plowed alot of commercial jobs without a problem. Other than the quick hook-up, he said his favorite thing about it was the fast hyd's. Here in Mi. you can expect to pay a few hundred bucks less then a comparable Fisher or Western to boot.
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    CHECK IT OUT __ _____ ___/ ___ / A
  13. plowking35

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    actually you can beat a boss v plow, its called at western MVP or fisher EZV
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    Maybe I'm dumb as a rock, but would someone please explain 9'PILES post to me. Thanks.

  15. mdb landscaping

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    i dont get it either.
  16. plowking35

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    I have yet to fiqure any of her posts out. But I think she was trying to describe the different positions that a vplow will go in.
  17. Mike Plow

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    the curtis seris 3000 hitch and run system is working
    out to be a good plow,being a curtis dealer i have sold
    35 plows this season and no big problems at this time
    i have put one on a inter 1900 truck and is holding up
    so far.The hy in the a frame work good it takes the
    60 ibs of power unit weight and puts in on the plow
    for more weight on the bladle,it scapes and clean very
    well.The design of the plow is good,it gives the
    stifness of a trip edge plow and is a full trip plow
    being a fisher sub dealer for 13 years i was a fisher
    only guy for 20 years its a great plow but not for
    everybody.The minute mount system is not the easy
    mounting system.The curtis system is the fastes system
    out there and the highes ground clearness on the market
    i want to hear all curtis problems and comments.
  18. snow

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    To check out some photos of curtis plows (including the one on the international) click this link:
    <a href="">click here</a>.

  19. 4 Saisons

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    look like is to much weight for the cherokee on those pics.
  20. GeoffD

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    Does curtis build 10' models? 9' would be too small for the International IMO.