Curtis plows or another brand???

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If i do decide to put a plow on my truck, what should i look for? I believe in my area is curtis, fisher, western, meyer and diamond. I stopped in at curtis today and a 8 o 8.5 ft straight plow installed is $2900. Is curtis any good?? New to plowing here and wanted some insight. I am pricing others later in the week.
Also for small drives is a straight best? most need a pullback then push out.
thanks for the help

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In your other post, you said you have an F250 now but plan on getting a dump next year. I assume that will be at least an F350 or 3500 or similar. In that case, the plow you get this year would be too small especially if you get a DRW. You could get as cheap a one as you can find this year hoping to get about half the purchase price back. Anything would do for a year. Another solution would be to buy something this year that you could put a bigger blade (moldboard) or wings on next year. Most models that you get for the F250 will be HD so it should handle a 9' something (ask the dealer). Give some thought to getting a "V" especially if you plan on commercial plowing. I would recommend a V for any size job. I have two straight ones now, but anything from now on will be a V.


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A word of warning about plowing with the F-250: Get as light a plow as you can so you don't stress the TTB front axle. You'll see your tire wear increase dramatically, the insides of the tires will get chewed up. I'd get some Load Boosters if I were you.

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I do strictly residential using an 2000 F250 and a 7 1/2 ft Curtis. The thing works great and I have had virtually problems with it in the two years that I have used it. (of course, it didn't get much use last year).

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