Curtis plow users so far this season.


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Wausau, WI
What do you think of your plows so far? Any failures of any kind? I am looking at a Curtis or another 9' Sno-Way this fall for my 01' 2500HD EC-SB-Duramax.

Thanks Jeff

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Somerset, NJ
You might have to go find some fellow Alaskans to ask for this one Maverick. There haven't been too many of us in the lower 48 that got to test our equipment this season LOL. Good luck with the purchase.


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NE, INdiana
I have a curtis 7.6 on my dodge 1500. I really like it . It's very quick on the hydraulics. I've only got to use it three times but it is really quick on hooking up. It's the curtis 3000 series. I'll be praying for some more snow so I can try it out some more. :)

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I have a 7 1/2 ft Curtis on my F250. This would have been the third season running it(if it snowed). Prior to this truck I ran a Western for about 13 years. I think that the setup is comparable in design, both sit relatively perpendicular to the pavement and have a similar Push beam behind the moldboard. The setup on the truck side is nice and clean, no mounts hanging below the truck etc. The only thing you see on the truck is a horizontal bar right near the bottom edge of the bumper. I can post some pictures if you'd like. I have had no problems to speak of thus far. If there is something specific you'd like to know, let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.

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