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Curtis in New Jersey?

Discussion in 'SNO-PRO PLOW AND ACCESSORIES by Curtis' started by NJHardcore1, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. NJHardcore1

    NJHardcore1 Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Hi im new to this forum, Ive been doing plowing and landscaping for someone elses company for about 10 years now and am thinking of finally getting a truck and starting something for myself this year, One of the ones I'm looking at is an 01 F250 with plow, But i am concerned about the fact that its a Curtis, I'm concerned because according to the curtis website it didnt list a single dealer within 100 miles of my zipcode (07203)

    Anyway wondering if i do get this truck is there anyone running a Curtis around north or central jersey on here? Is it possible to get repairs and parts etc from somewhere with reasonable ease? Would dealers that dont necessarily sell Curtis be able to work on and repair this plow for me?. Or are they simple enough that myself without any experience, and an average general mechanical ability would be able to do a lot of the repairs himself if i get parts online somewhere?

    What is the general consensus about how reliable these plows are? the one I'm looking at is just an 8 foot straight blade.

    Thanks in advance for any help and sorry if this has been covered, appreciate any helpful replies and advice!

    EDIT - Woooops! After going back to look at the curtis website again i noticed that after searching for dealers within the radius of a zipcode it displays a message saying that basicly that feature doesnt work on there website (Why they have it if it doesnt work who knows but anyway!) And there actually is a handful of dealers around altho still none particularly close, but atleast i wont have to worry about being totally out in the cold if i do buy this truck!, Anyway still would be interested to hear anyones general thoughts on curtis plows, And any thoughts on particular dealers in nj! Thanks again
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2011
  2. bronco91

    bronco91 Senior Member
    from wyckoff
    Messages: 146

    I have a curtis on my bronco and I love it. Easy to hook up and a very good plow.
  3. dirt digger

    dirt digger Senior Member
    Messages: 619

    well after replacing nearly every part on my Curtis and installing the mount and wiring myself I can tell you they are fairly easy to work on (once you know what you are doing) So i wouldn't say you need a nearby dealer for that

    however, a dealer for parts is nice...what I have found though is I have a dealer down the road from me...comparing his prices to the prices you can find online...he is almost twice as expensive on most everything

    If you are even the slightest bit mechanically inclined I wouldn't let no dealer network stop your sale..most of the parts that normally go bad are common parts (springs, solenoids, hoses, relays, etc..) that you can get at any local hydraulic shop/hardware store

    My motor went bad and I ordered a new one, had it shipped, and installed in under a week...but like its been said they are very easy to hook up on the truck so far mine has been a great plow
  4. cotter

    cotter Senior Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 182

    Get the 'diagnostic troubleshooting guide' off the Curtis website and get at it. There is nothing too complicated about them and if you follow the flow in the guide it's so easy a Chevy guy could do it :D

  5. unclebuck

    unclebuck Junior Member
    Messages: 13

    what should scare you is when owners tell you" they have replaced just about every part"

    i want a plow that i dont need to replace every part on