Curtis Hitch&Run for 88 Ford 350?


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Curtis plows are few and far in my area.

Did some research, some on this site, somebody has something bad to say about all makes.Curtis seem to be ok. (When buying used and in my price range) well as long as everything is in good condition I am concidering buying a curtis 7.5 Everything except the Hitch&Run setup that goes on truck. Do they make a setup for an 88 Ford F-350 Diesel ? I believe they make two 7.5 plow setups and this is the heavier one. any help in this area would be
appreciated especially info on a used one.



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I think you would want 8ft minimum on a F350. Often 9ft plows are runs on these trucks.

I have looked at the Curtis and have no major problems with it. It is very well built.

Two concerns for me are the full trip blade (personal preference, I like trip edge) and the hydraulics mounted low on the A-frame. Sno-way and Blizzard do the same and my fear is that they may be damage by road spray, impacts, etc.

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theres a curtis dealer in my town and he has put on a ton of plows. at first i thought it might be a plow that wont catch on, but from what i hear, everybody likes them and they are a good unit.


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Ct thanks for info but..
I'm buying a used setup (good price)
not pickey 7.5 or 8 ft if it becomes a real problem I'll put snow wings on it. Dont want to get a ton of money into it ,heck
I dont know if its gonna snow any ammount. I'm going to sub
for a small contractor a little cuz I have another job.
Thanks Rob
Still any Info on a Hitch and run for 88 F-350 would be helpful