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Cub Cadet 3530TDE vs. Toro Power Max Heavy Duty 1028

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Hexa Fox, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    Hey guys a few of you have probably seen me a couple times already. I know a lot of you guys are going to say I am over thinking this, but this is really a frustrating decision for me! I have decided to make a post and hope some of you guys have some opinions for me. Here is the lowdown and link to each model.

    Cub Cadet 3530TDE
    420cc Engine
    30" Clearing Width
    Easy Adjustment System
    Three Stage
    Metal Chute
    315 Pounds

    Manual Crank
    Shear Pins

    Toro Power Max Heavy Duty 1028
    302cc Engine
    28" Clearing Width
    Large Aggressive Tires
    One Touch Chute Control
    No Shear Pins
    Two Stage
    257 Pounds
    Does Not Clog?

    Difficult to Adjust
    Smaller Engine

    Okay another thing is do NOT pay attention to the price I can get either of them for $1,800 so this is solely between the machines.

    Toro claims that the plastic has a lifetime warranty and will NOT ever clog and they do NOT include a shovel with the machine for cleaning the lower part of the chute out. Also it has no shear pins because it is "commercial grade" and will either spit whatever it is out or stall the engine. This machine has a 2" less clearing width than the Cub Cadet and this could be a pro or con because it is lighter and might be easier to control and may get into more places.

    Cub Cadet claims the three stage will not clog nearly as often as other snow blowers but they do include a shovel for cleaning out the lower portion of the chute. It has tracks on it which is suppose to be good on steep and various terrains. Something that really turns me on. It has shear pins and might become a hassle and then again this might cost me a shear pin instead of a new machine versus the Toro if I suck up say a phone book or chain in a driveway. It is made by MTD as many of you know and MTD can be hit or miss.

    Each of these machines seem very adequate and will probably make great machines. However I know this is over the edge, but I am loosing sleep trying to make a decision. I am hoping you guys can tip me over the edge into one of these machines.

    Another thing I forgot to mention is that the Cub Cadet has a lever on the side you can set to Normal, Packed, Gravel, or Transport which raises/lowers the front of the machine. With the Toro I am stuck with only the little skid shoes if I need to adjust. So the Cub Cadet may be suited to many different terrains and may be much easier to load/unload from the back of my pick up truck. May not make a big difference but then again it could.

    Please Help! :help:
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2014

    SKYNYRD Senior Member
    Messages: 420

    i think it would come down to 2 factors, is the cub cadet really a cub cadet or is it mtd and are tires or tracks better? i've never used a blower other than my old crapsman with tires so i'm actually of no real use but, those are the 2 factors i would consider over everything else
  3. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    Yep like I said MTD is hit or miss. Craftsman has had MTD making most of their equipment line up for a long time. So this Cub Cadet is made by MTD however it does seem like a well made machine. Another thing is this specific Toro has their own name on the engine. So you know that could be hit or miss too.

    The three stage is suppose to get through really rough conditions like the hard stuff at the bottom of the driveway compacted by the plow truck. The Toro will probably do a pretty good job with it too.

    By the way MTD bought Cub Cadet. If I am not mistaken it has been a few years now. I have a Craftsman Zero Turn rider I use for Commercial Mowing in the Summer. I paid just under $3,000 for it. I seriously laugh at some of these other guys that spent double or even triple what I did on a zero turn. Is it as good as a Commercial Ferris, Commercial Scag, or Commercial Hustler? The answer is no but I only spent 1/3 on my mower. Anyway this is about Snow Blowers. Just throwing out there that MTD makes small cheap equipment and they can make DECENT larger equipment like my zero turn.
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    SKYNYRD Senior Member
    Messages: 420

    are you able to see the machines in person? that right there could swing your vote
  5. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96


    Yeah... sadly I have already seen both of them. They both seem like really great machines and both have their strong and weak points. I got to demo a Toro that was not the HD 1028 and I must say that I did like it.

    I also got to demo the Cub Cadet I want. However the shop was extremely ridiculously small and did not get to try the turning out or anything.

    Another BIG thing is that in the past people in the commercial business have avoided tracks because they are slower, and sometimes you need to put a little more effort into them. I do not know about the effort for the Cub Cadet due to the small space, but I do know it is very fast. If it is slower than the wheel models it is not by much at all.
  6. slplow

    slplow PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 594

    the toro is the way to go hands down. My father has a troy built (same as the cub) it's junk . Even with shear pins i had to replace the gear box after he took in his news paper. When I was out plowing nemo I saw a lot of blowers , the mtd were having a hard time while the toro and ariens where going right threw it. The reason toro has a smaller engine is, it's a better design and does not need the the extra hp.
    On the tracks Verses wheels , I have used both . The tracks work well but in tight spaces the tire out perform. I was very sore after I used the craftsman blower with tracks and sold it after one storm. Good thing I bought it used. Also the track systems have more things to break in them. If it were me I'D go with the toro
  7. JohnRoscoe

    JohnRoscoe Senior Member
    Messages: 209

    Have used a handful of the Toro 1028s for a few years, they're fine. Not sure what you're saying about the shear pin, they do have shear bolts, and yes, you'll need to have a couple handy. We've blown snow higher than the machine with them and would buy more of the same if we needed them.

    FWIW, I hate the tracked machines as they're hard to maneuver. I'd also never want a machine that had anything but the one handed joystick control.
  8. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    Not sure if they changed it recently or what. Do you use the Toro Power Max Heavy Duty 1028? There are no shear pins that I saw at all. The dealer said that the unit would either cycle a newspaper through and through the chute or stall the engine.
  9. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    This is what I was scared of hearing. However this MTD has not been seen until this year. Personally I thought it looked liked much more capable machine. Especially with the tracks and the positions you can put it in to lower or raise it. Really handy for being on many different terrains.

    It was a MTD though... so this is what kept me from buying it the other day in the store. I did not buy the Toro because I had not done my research yet and my father talked me into taking my time, like a father should.
  10. JohnRoscoe

    JohnRoscoe Senior Member
    Messages: 209

    Here's a picture of the auger assembly from their page, at : http://www.toro.com/en-us/Homeowner/Snow-Blowers/Two-Stage/Pages/Model.aspx?pid=Power-Max-HD-1028-OXE-38674



    You can clearly see the brass colored bolts on both augers.

    I think you're making too big a deal out of all this though. Sure, I've mowed up lots of newspapers, I think many snowblowers would do that. Chunks of ice and rock though, shear bolts or pins are a lot better than a seized engine. The only time I've not seen a shear bolt on a shaft is when there is a slip clutch, which would be a pain in this application.
  11. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    I know the dealer told me there were no pins to shear. So that was either a lie or him not knowing his own equipment. Which I'm not sure which is worse. I guess the Toro is worth another look though. Because the Cub Cadet even though it looks like a tank it is still a MTD.
  12. Whiffyspark

    Whiffyspark 2000 Club Member
    from SOMD
    Messages: 2,403

    Are you using this commercially
  13. dieselss

    dieselss PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,391

    Just starting up, from what he says
  14. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    Yes sir, that would be correct. I just want to buy a nice snow blower this year that will get me started. Then If it is something that I want to continue I will look into buying a plow for my truck or possibly a tractor. If it is something that does not sit well with me I will just use my $2,000 snow blower for my own driveway.
  15. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    If you click THIS LINK and go under the Features Tab you can "clearly" see where it says "Commercial Grade Auger Gear Case that eliminates the needs for shear pins".

    I did not want to say anything but I was pretty certain that I did not see any shear pins when I looked at it. After the salesman told me there were no shear pins I decided to not double check. Toro calls the bolts you are seeing "Hardened Bolts" that are do not break like shear pins. Do not know if this is true of not.

    Anyway it is just one of those things. It could really eliminate a hassle with the Cub Cadet though. If I hit a hard piece of ice, newspaper, etc it would be nice to know that I do not have to replace the pins. I saw at least three on the Cub Cadet in person.

    I think I am going to be safer starting out with the Toro. The Cub Cadet just had a couple things that I thought were really cool. Like the adjustment lever on the side that lets you raise or lower the front with ease. Plus people are saying tracks are the way to go.

    The Toro should be fine though because it has some big @$$ tires on it with some really aggressive looking tread.
  16. slplow

    slplow PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 594

    If you think tire on the toro are a lot $$ , price out some tracks I you ask me tire's are the way to go. also check out toro on you tube there some good vids.
  17. Doughboy12

    Doughboy12 PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,698

    I think he was saying a s s without typing a s s ...??? (not talking about money.)
    Also about the shear pin thing TORO says "Instead, hardened bolts are used that are designed not to break eliminating the need to ever replace a shear pin."
  18. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    Why do I keep hearing two different things? I keep hearing "tracks are the way to go" no, no "tires are the way to go". I'm going to guess one is better than the other for certain applications, and the other way around.

    However I heard that tracks are better and noticed that they are getting more and more popular. If you go back several years ago there was barley any right? Now about 10% have tracks. Also the more money you put into a snow blower the more that percentage goes up too. You guys have noticed this no doubt?
  19. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    Yes Sir! lol


    You see?:nono:
  20. Hexa Fox

    Hexa Fox Member
    Messages: 96

    So it looks like most people are favoring the Toro?