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In my truck 78 k20 with 400/400/np203 converted to pt 4x4, I have factory installed cruise.<br>I understand the the transducer was a problem child from developement, so i expect i will have to replace that part. <br>As far as the switch goes, how do i check continuity/ power? there is a reddish orange wire, a brown wire and a white wire. Anyone know where the red wire goes for power?<br>know how i can check my switch?<br>there is no power out at the transducer, though only the brown and white wires are routed out there. the red one loops back into the wiring harness and goes to ???? <br>anyway any help would be appreciated.<p>by the way, my vaccuum is good, no holes leaks or plugs in that part.<p>anyone know where i can get the orig style switch?? it is just a turn signal switch with the cruise in the end of it, no on/off, no other buttons, just one button in the end of the turn signal switch.<p>-abe<br>


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I have an extra switch, but it's out of an 82, and has the on off, coast, accel switch on it also. If you figure out a way to make that one work, let me know, and I'll hook you up.


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Every cruse unit I have diagnosed has been a little different. I recommend getting a motors manual from the Library. there should be a flow chart to follow to test the switch. You will need a DVOM. Your right about the transducers. I have replaced many.<br>Good Luck <br>


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the best way to diagnose the switch is to plug in a new or &quot;known good&quot; one. hey, its how we do it at the dealership ....