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Crew cab long bed


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Sandwich IL
Depends on what you intend to plow with it.

If you are in a wide open parking lot, you will not notice it at all... if you are in a town home complex backdraging short drives, you will not enjoy it much.

I currently plow with a double cab long bed and i can tell the difference between my crew short bed I formerly plowed with when I get into tighter locations.

The wheel base is what effects your turning. So your radius will grow as the wheel base spreads out.

At least on a Chevy the wheelbases are:
CCSB - 153"
DBLB - 158"
CCLB - 167"


Long Island
RCL, I use chevy 3500 swr dbl cab 8' box with a spreader and 8'6" western v with the wing kit. Mostly shopping centers. Not much we can't move or back drag, and in a shopping center I have not encountered a real need for a tight turn radius. That said, I can't plow my own driveway , lol.


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South Bend, IN
My truck is a CC long bed and I actually do some small 7500-10k sq ft lots in town and it's really not that bad... Now drives are a different story so just depends on the application...

Thrifty Garage

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Good luck going through a drive through. Some have sharp 90 degree corners that a single cab truck barely fit through. I've driven some large trucks. Crew Cab Long Bed, depending on how aware of your vehicle you are you should be fine. It just takes a little more observation.