Creating a "Service Report" - Need some definitions please

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This year we we're using a service report for each commercial property. Each time a crew services the property they write down the account name, the date, time in and out, site conditions, current weather conditions and the services they peformed. The half sheet of paper is padded into bundles of 50 to make it easy for the operator to handle. It's mostly check boxes and the such so very little hand writing is needed. As a result I want to include almost all senarios on this sheet.

I need some help with a couple of things as I'm revising our first draft which has worked okay thus far.

Under Site Conditions I currently have:

Snow: _______" Powdery Moderate Wet/Heavy Slush
Percentage of Clear Pavement: ____________ %
Drifting: Y N Ice: Y N
Traffic: None Occasional Light Moderate Heavy

I'm looking for what additional site conditions might I consider adding?

Under Weather Conditions I currently have:

Air Temperature: ____________
Pavement Temp: ____________
Current Precip: None Rain Sleet/Hale Snow
Conditions: Calm Breezy Windy Sunny Partly Cloudy Cloudy

I'm looking for what additional site conditions might I consider adding?

What I haven't been able to accurately describe and layout on my page is the type of snow fall under current precipitation. Is it light, flurries, etc. Sort of rate of snow fall - but without making it difficult for the driver to determine or have them study meterology.

Also, under type of snow in site conditions I'll add "Just Plowed" so when the salt truck comes through they can circle this option since there isn't snow currently in the lot.

Any other thoughts would be helpful.


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Just ask yourself "What's the info for?" If it's to cover the operator's a$$ in case of a disagreement with the customer or if it's to explain to you what conditions the operator was going through so he/she has an explanation of why they did such a good/poor job. Filter out all questions that really don't matter because the more of those there are, the more likely the operator will "forget" to fill it out. Just my 2 cents

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Good point - I don't want to create a time consuming report. I created it for billing purposes - hence the "what we did" portion of it. As well, should there be a slip fall down the road we have documentation of site conditions, servies performed, etc. at an exact time/date. May help to cut through future BS.

So it's for billing and for risk management. Each truck is not equipment with infared gun to take pavement temps - I only do this on two routes (de-icing) and my truck. The rest of the info the guys should be able to fill in within about 30 seconds of time.


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I am in the process of creating something similiar. I've been searching but only came across this thread. Does anyone else have any other ideas/suggestions? thanks
Lawn Lad, I have just the basics on my sheets, but I include

Time in
Temp in

Time out
Temp out

Snow depth

These are for internal use only as I don't think my customer needs to know how long it takes me to do his/her property, which will vary with snowfall.
My .02 cents CDN
We keep it short and sweet, time in, time out and a space at the bottom for keeping notes in the event that something should happen (property damage etc.).
The main reason that we utilize the log sheets are for time analysis's, over time i realized that the customers don't give a flying rip what the conditions were as long as their property is serviced.
All the storm data is handled out of the office, the more you give the drivers to fill out takes them away from the important task at hand, as i have to compliment them for filling out the sheets, because there is one person on our staff that has a problem filling them out (ME). :blush2:

The reason efor puting temp in and out is to record rising or falling temps. If the temp is rising and looks like it will continue to do so the ikelyhood od sanding/salting decreases. I also think it would be helpful in the case of a slip and fall complaint later in the day. When I can I also take pictures in and out.


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I find it helpful to note current weather forecast in my commentary, as by the time the bill comes, there is a potential for dispute, especially with regard to multiple pushes.

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