Cramped cab


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I just bought an '85 C-10 in excellent condition. It is worth spending some money on. However, there seems to be little forward-back room. Definitely seems to be less than in the '67 I had years ago. The steering wheel column seems too long and even with the seat back as far as it will go, it feels like the wheel is much too close. Obviously I could learn to live with this, but if anyone has any suggestions about getting a few more inches of room, I'd appreciate it. Somewhere I read that the seat from a "late model" Silverado uses thinner foam and can provide more room. I don't know what was considered "late model" in this context, nor whether the seats are easily interchangeable in respect to mounting holes, etc. Maybe the gain wouldn't be worth the effort and expense. Thanks in advance for advice.


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You know, I noticed the same phenomenon with my truck. seems that there is less room behind the steering wheel than there was 20 years ago.

Maybe my wife was right!!!! Too many pizzas and beers with the guys might have caused me to put on a few pounds over the years!!!

Darn those cramped cabs. LOL


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Yes, the phenomenon of the Amazing Expanding Stomach has been factored in, but I'm looking for a realistic solution here--not the self-sacrific involved with dieting. The thing is, the steering column seems abnormally long and the wheel is almost vertical, as though the intended driver should have very short arms, but the distance to the pedals seems normal. I'd like to measure a similar vintage C-10 for comparison, but they seem to have all gone into hiding around here. I know someone with an '84 Scottsdale which I plan to check out this weekend. I drove it about a year ago and don't remember having this problem with it. Maybe my solution is to look for a tilting steering column and replace what I have. Looks like it might be beyond my ability though.


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Yes a tilt column helps a little bit, but the next best thing is installing a steering wheel from a newer style truck like an 88 and newer style. (obviously not an air bag type wheel). I replaced my stock wheel with one out of a '90 chevy and wow what a difference in comfort, and it is a direct bolt on!


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Dont go with the tilt wheel!!!!! > I have fought the battle of the waistline for almost 20 years . Right now I own a 79 GMC without tilt wheel. I used to own an 83 Scottsdale with tilt wheel, I sold it to a friend. Recently I had the opportunity to drive the Scottsdale for the first time since I sold it in 1995. The tilt wheel column is about 3 inches longer than a standard column, I fit comfortably in the GMC but I was VERY CRAMPED driving my old Scottsdale with the tilt wheel. I wouldnt recommend tilt wheel if your looking for more gut room , youll have less!!. What i would recommend is a steering wheel out of a camaro or trans am. I did this to a wrecker (85 GMC) that I used to own and it worked out great, more room , better feel, and a very easy swap !Im looking for an old T/A wheel for the 79 right now !!