Covered Loads?


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In my area, I only see a few V-box sanders with load tarps, I think it may actually be law, but like the license plate question, it is not often enforced.

I have never covered a load except to shed rain while parked. With my new truck, the tarp would get torn up with use.

Just curious if this is done in other regions.

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Mines always covered,100% of the time,if i dont the snow will wash the magic out the bottom of the v box,and it gets messy from there.It is a law that is enforced here,which is another reason i cover it.I use a hunk of commercial rubber roof membrane,this stuff is awesome,very strong,,but it is a little heavy.It will nto flap around or tear up,ive been using it for 5 yrs now,its like new yet,will likely outlast the v box.I drap mine over the sides,and into the truck bed,it stays all by itself its so heavy.


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My truck has a roll cover so I cover my load when it is precipitating. The other truck has a tarp on it. Once it stops precipitating, I take them off.
Easier to check the load that way.


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I agree with Dino, especially if your using magic salt or caliber why wash it off the salt in your hopper.

Cover the load and put the deicer where it will do the most good.

Uncover it when the storm stops.


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Pelican, true rednecks should never tarp the load!!!! My current/temporary redneck set up consists of a 1.7yard airflo with a long shaft mounted atop 2"x10" s in a two wheel drive 91 chevy 3/4 ton. This is one heck of a set up and never gets the tarp!!!!!

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