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After listening (and pricing parts) for my Meyers E-47 I will start with the easy stuff first ,my plow ONLY angles left and will NOT move back until i release pressure at the hose on the right cylinder. In years past angleing the plow right sometimes caused it to go left first (or maybe i have that backwards,if it makes a difference). Please tell me the easy way to check the couplers?? The fluid is the Meyers stuff (fresh last season) but seems to have a slight tan tint to it. I previously used ATF. I hate to start throwing expensive valves and solenoids at it unless i have to.
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The couplers aren't your problem. I would replace the C-valve, or try cleaning it & replacing the O-rings first ( I don't play around with that & usually just replace them). The problem you had in the past was actually the opposite, it tried to go right when you angled left. This was also happening because of the C-valve being bad. Since the oil is dirty I would change that also. But do it right. Get all of the oil out & do the cylinders & hoses too. Good directions for all of this can be found at the Snowplowing Contractors Network link above. Good luck.

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I think that in Chuck Smith web page he have a link to tell you how to flush your pump with kersone. Again, I know nothing about Meyer but it sounds like an old pump so I would suggest you to drain all the fluid, flush with kersone, then refill with new fluid. Doing this will get rid of moisture and blacky dirty stuff inside it. Also I heard that you should not mix different fluids together. This also can cause problem. To minimize the problem, change the fluid every year as I said earlier.


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While the couplers are not likely the problem they will have to be removed to flush the system totally. While they are off I would just replace them. They are cheap and this is why mine are replaced every year.

Think about it. They aften get dropped into the snow, have sand and salt thrown on them and sometimes even freeze up. Replacing them assures easy operation when hooking them up.

I definatley think your problem is in the C valve, but since you have to drain the fluid why not do the job right with new fluid and new parts?

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