Could this be the day michigan guys?


I'm 3.5 hours north of you guys and it's not looking much better here either. There still saying chance of snow but thats the old stand by just cover there butts. But we've had snow as late as May here, so I guess there's still a chance. Sure hope it's not over yet....Kraco_1

Mark Oomkes

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Grand Rapids, MI
I hate to be pessimistic, but I really don't think we'll get it todaytonight. It would be nice to plow again instead of just salting, although the salting is a nice way to make money in a hurry.

You guys in Detroit area might be done, but up here we always get at least one heavy one in March or beginning of April.


Western CT
Hey Guys it is only the middle of Feb. Don't give up hope. We often get those late March storms here in Southern New England. Some of these have become major snowfalls.


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Muskegon, Mi
its snowing here in muskegon I heard 2-3 inces of snow by midnight they said from about allegan north south 1-2. I remember many years the first 15 days of March being bad. usually plow more in March than Feb. Hey any sites that i could find season snowfall for a particular city?

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Troy, Mi.
You guys from the Detroit area where do you buy your bulk salt? I live north of Detroit so the farest I would like to go is Mains(8 and Telegraph) I have a place in Troy to buy but they open when they want. Just looking for backup places to buy bulk salt.
Wilburn Parks,

Are you looking for a supply yard to fit into your route, or are you looking for someone to deliver?

Orion Stone Depot, Orion TWP. Deliver/pickup 248 391 2490
Bed Rock Salt, Ortonville and Waterford 248 627 3240
Bushel Center of Hollow trucking 734 482 7263
or you can try the salt co's
IMC salt

Those are just off the top of my head..I know there are more. Are you a member of the MDLA, there are always ads in there monthly publication "landsculptor"

Hope this helps some,
It's over - break out the walkbehinds and start the cleaning. It'll never snow again. I spent last week putting together my two big preseason parts orders for landscaping.
Hey when are all the open houses - I think Commercial Mower has one comming up around the end of February - anyone know for sure?

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