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Cost of Hydrolic fluid


Junior Member
New Hampshire
Went to my local Fisher dealer the other day andf got a gall on of hydrolic fluid so I could change out and nearly died as it cost as much as good scotch. $24 for a gallon did I get ripped or is this really this costly.:mad:


PlowSite.com Veteran
Somerville MA.
BigCee, that seems to be about the rate around here. I paid 22 and change at J.C. madigan a few weeks back.

Where abouts are you in the granite state?


Junior Member
I've had no problem using ATF. Why pay so much for fisher fluid. Is this the synthetic stuff I've been hearing about? I just change the ATF 2x, still seems cheaper.


PlowSite.com Veteran
The New electric pumps all require a new type of fluid, that has a high velosicty at lower temperatures. This fluid is based off aircraft hydro fluid, also know as HF-1.

Don't use atf in a new electric pump. Some of the older fisher's were fine with ATF, however run the new fisher fluid in it, and the pump doesn't work as hard.



2000 Club Member
The western manual states that Dextron 3 atf can be used down to -10. I have used it in all my electris plow with 0 problems. In fact the dealer installs ATF when setting up new plows.
;) guys, i use Amsoil synthtic trans fluid in my westerns without a problem ever, works very well in transmissions as well. T

costs about 5.00 a quart.
The Boss fluid is Esso J-13 hydraulic oil (arctic). I buy it by the pail from my local bulk plant at about $30.00 for 20 litres. Seems reasonable to me. No ATF in pumps that are not under the hood here - they will not function on cold days.


yeah, speaking of fluid...

Today I went to the Meyer dealer for a couple of quarts of Meyer M1. I got to the register and could not believe my eyes. I'm not a cheapskate, and will pay what things cost, but $8.99 a QUART??!!
I can get it at the mower shop for $3.50. I had to laugh.