Corvette powered K10?


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Hey guys!

I'm still researching my upcoming project. I've narrowed down my powertrain choice to an '87-'89 Corvette 350 TPI which came stock with a 700r4, of course i'll be pulling the computer, harness and sensors. This engine produces:
245 HP @ 4,300 RPM
340 lbs @ 3,200 RPM
Low 9.5:1 compression ratio = CHEAP! 87 octane fuel.

Do you think these peak RPMs are suitable for a K10 truck chassis that will see light work (1200LBS max load, 2400LBS max towing) on an occasional basis?...some of you may remember i'll be driving thru an NP203, 4.1 or 4.56 final gearing with 35" wheels

Also does anyone know if this swap requires eng/trans mount modification?

I know I have to get a special adapter to connect the 700r4 to the NP203...will this require a shorter rear and longer front drive shafts?


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Go for it-the L98 350 is a torque monster.It will run like a big block.The TPI has 13" of intake runner tuned for torque-it will be out of breathe by 4600-but by then it will have uprooted whatever your will need to change the tail stock in the tranny,to a 4x4 truck one,and adapt a VSS vehicle speed sensor to your cable drive,but other than that-it wont be to bad.your going to need to use a truck water pump/fan or use the vette aluminum pump with electric fans.the vette wiring is much more difficult than camaro/firebird,but it can be done.Dont corget the pass side ex manifold has the EGR tube bolted to it,so if you change manifolds ir ant to use headers,you'll need to adapt it.Vette uses 6 quart oil pan,4x4 should have clearance,Good luck.I would buy a 350TPI from a camaro/firebird,and put vette valve covers on it-accesory are easier,everything is a closer match to your truck-you'll lose 15hp-they were 230HP-but 10 of the hp was from the smaller cat/exhaust the F-body had,the vetter breathed better,and had aluminum heads-thus the 245hp rating


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Thanks John,

You are alway's a wealth of information. I'm going to take a closer look at the Camaro/Firebird TPI option, it would almost certainly cost less to buy and install considering the compatibility advantages you mentioned. It should be fairly easy to gain back the 15HP with some simlpe intake mods and a good free-flowing exhaust system.

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