Convertible "C" plow


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Yeah nice idea but I think I like the new blizzard better and I don't do residential where I think they will really shine.If I had alot of back draggen to do I'd rather have one fo my guy driven up to a doo rather than lookin over his shoulder tryin to figure out just how much closer he can get

n y snow pros

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We have 4 Heniker plows 3 straight and 1 v-plow.The v-plow bent the 1st time out and 1 of the straight blades has had a paint problem from day one.The best part is Heniker will not warranty or even talk to me about my plow problems ,so i would really think about it if u r looking at any Heniker plows as they will NOT THATS NOT stand behind there plows.The dealer has bent over backwards for me but there is nothing he can do,oh and all the Heniker v-plows he sold bent after the 1st storm.You could say i have a definite disliking for Heniker plows although i love there sanders.

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