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I have a Western 8 foot poly plow and haven't had any problems with it until today. My controller doesn't seem to work very well. It will lift the plow but I have to keep messing with it to get it down. Has this happened to any of you and what do you think my problem is. I have the standard joy stick. It seems like it might be in it but I don't know at this time. If I keep tapping down it will go down but after several downward motions.
Thanks for your help

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The guy I plow with at the dealership I work at had the same problem during that blizzard we had a few weeks ago. It was the controller. Went and got a new one, and everything was fine. If I had any money, I would bet on it.



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If by ty
he standard controller you mean the small 2" x3" box, then look out at the fornt of the truck where the connector is for the controls. It is the one with the small pins. I have seen alot of them break or fray where the wires enter the molded plug. Western and fisher both sell repair plugs with heat shrink material. we had one go bad on a fisher and the symtoms were much like you described.


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I've read quite a few posts re:problems with Western stuff. I haven't read anything about any meyer problems. Wonder why? lol Just kidding.


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