Hello, and CONTROL-X2 are repeat sponsors at Plowsite and I wanted to extend a quick introduction about and our CONTROL-X2 product. is the manufacturer of advanced electronic engine block heater controllers. The first product became available in 2006. Since its introduction and several revisions later, we now have the CONTROL-X2 variant.

All aspects of design, development and manufacturing are performed at our facility, located in West Virginia. We have been in the OEM electronics manufacturing sector since 1976.

We have many commercial fleet customers who have incorporated the CONTROL-X2 as their means to manage engine block heaters. With high emphasis on cost and energy conservation, the CONTOL-X2 product is the perfect complement in any fleet application small or large.

Some CONTROL-X2 highlights:

• Fleet is always ready.
• Reduced engine wear associated with cold starts.
• Minimal engine warm-up time, saving costs on fuel and a reduction on emissions with extended idling.
• Reduced electricity footprint.
• Modulated control of block heater. Using a mix of user programmable on-off duty cycles per measured temperature and precision timers.

If you should have any questions about the CONTROL-X2, I will be happy to answer those.

To learn more about the CONTROL-X2, please visit

Thank you,

Shawn C. Quillen