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I have a 1975 K10 with a manual 4spd. My plow is an old meyers swing plow with cable controls & I'm curious where others have mounted the control lever.


I have a old Western cable control mounted on a 1974 C30 manual four speed. The joystick controller is mounted on a floor mount unit that sits just to the right of the gear shift.

I bought the entire rig from a guy that had it all setup like this. He plowed for years. Seems to work very well in that position.

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Old E-47 pump

Wish I could find a diagram on how to connect the cables on these old pumps. I have one, and the motor brushes are like new. It didn't see much use. It was on a school vehicle, a Ford actually, that didn't plow much before the school began using contractors to plow. One of the maint. guys took off the plow pump before they sold the truck. He kept it in a cabinet for 15 years, and gave it to me a few years ago. I hooked it up to a battery to test it, and the motor works fine. Just need to figure out how the cables attach, and what activates the motor.

I remember a black "junction" box, under the hood of my friends 70 Chevy that had this set up, but I don't remember how it worked exactly.

I e mailed Meyer plows several times, and they never replied.

I don't want to use it for a plow, but it's a great compact hydraulic power unit to have. I'd like to use it for a dump bed on my 77 Chevy. Just for show, not for dumping anything, or hauling materials.


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