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We just toasted another control box on our Trynex spreader; the box is only a year old. This is our 2nd or 3rd toasted control box on this spreader. At $250.00 each, this is getting expensive.

This controller will turn the motor on at full speed for the first second, then cut it back to the set speed. There is also overload protection built in, as well as a circut breaker.

Are they really necessary? Most of the time, we are using the spreader at the middle setting, rarely using the varible speed control.

If we installed a circut breaker in the hot lead, could we just use a switch (properly rated of course)? How would we cut the speed down from full voltage?

Is the initial startup on high speed really necessary?

What if we want to have varible speed? Can we use a rehastat???

Does any manafacturer make a control box that will work, at a more reasonable price???

I'd really rather not finance the President of Trynex's next vacation!


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fnow i dont have the unit ur talking about but from what i understand you get high speed when u first turn it on to avoid blockage and what not. it breaks free bridged material. i have a two-stage spreader so no problems for me.
I've got a Western spreader with the same type of control. Pretty basic idea, but what's causing the box to burn up? Seeing as its your third there has to be problem, either on your end or their's. Has Tyrnex offered any solutions or are they happy selling you a piece of crap? On your end, do you have it fused and hooked to the battery, or wired in to the harness where it may be starved for juice? Just asking, I'm sure no expert. Otherwise, that's all it is, a three position momentary toggle with a rheostat. Rheo's eat lots of juice and if you leave it running for long periods they get real hot. Maybe mount where it can get better air flow.

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How old is the spreader itself?

Does the control have switches and a knob or is it a touch pad?

"Toasted" is a pretty generic term, what are the conditions it's operating under when it goes out? Does it fail to run or does it go into a condition of turning itself on unexpectedly?

Got a TrnEx and had problems under warranty with the controller itself. Fill in the blanks on the information and maybe I can help.


Thanks for the replies fellows. A little more info:

SCL It is wired direct to the battery. The Trynex dealer knows less about this unit than I do.

Alan- The first controller was the touch pad, this one is the rocker switch and dial type. The spreader is about 5 years old, motor is less than a month old.

It will deliver voltage to the motor plug, but will not run the motor. I've got 11 or so volts coming out of the unit. Motor works fine when direct wired to the battery. Tried the control on a spare motor, same situation, I even took the spare motor in the cab of the truck, bypassing the wiring harness from the box to the back of the truck, no luck.

When the control box is first turned on, there is a slight pause, then a click on. I can only get it to click on when I have a test light attached to the output of the box.

This happened all of a sudden, no real warning.
What if we want to have varible speed? Can we use a rehastat???

A rehostat well get you varible speed to the motor just make sure you hook it up right (There are different ways for different motors), and the peak wattage is double the rating on the rehostat (P=2*E*I).

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