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We know it's too late for this year, but what time of year do you generally contact customers to set up a plow contract? Also, besides advertising in the local paper, what other suggestions do you have to solicit new business?
By the way, thanks for the comments on the deflector.

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I got the majority of my customers from fellow plowers who were looking to downsize their routes. They were nice, and gave me ones that pay on time, but not all are like that. One option I thought of is to find a large neighborhood that you feel you can get contracts in, and pass out flyers. By doing this, you keep all or most of you clients in one area, thus reducing travel time. If you're looking for commercial accounts, then you need to contact property managers and submit a bid. If you're unsure about pricing, ask them what they were paying before. Some will tell you, and some will lie to you. Just make sure you take the ones that you feel you're making enough for. Don't take em just to get em. You will find out REAL FAST that they may not be worth what you're getting.

Good luck!


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