Contracts not finalized yet?

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Just wondering if anyone else is having this happen. I'd bid on a school about a month ago. All the other bids I'd put in have been awarded but hadn't heard back from this one. Called the Superintendent today to see who they'd awarded the bid to. They hadn't had a school board meeting. It's scheduled for December 6th to award the plowing contract. I asked him what they planned to do if it snowed before then. Answer - Pray it doesn't snow, they can't do anything without school board approval. I offered to plow for a "per push" and credit any amount paid to the contract if it's awarded to me. Can't without approval. If it snows it just sits. I couldn't even do it on a volunteer basis. He said he would like me at the school board meeting to answer questions they might have.


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Nice propisition you offered them in case it snows before hand
Wierd that they cant make a decission though.
School is open or closed at that time in December?
I forget,, been awhile
Stick with them,go to the meeting I would think,

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