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Does anyone add a surcharage for plowing any amounts over approx. 5"?

If yes, how does your contract word that sentence?

I'm wondering if I would need that if my contract states "Contractor will plow snow and clear entryways and walkways when the measurable accumulation reaches approximately two (2) inches". My route only takes about 6 hours to complete and I always figured that by the time I finished I could start again if needed. What do you think?



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des moines iowa
over 5 inchs

We run our contracts to read as follows on residential accounts:

Base Price
2-5 inchs
6-7 inchs 1.25
8-9 Inch 1.50
10-11 inchs 1.75
12 inchs or greater times 2
we charge extra for drifts or city crews block drives on commerical accounts we start at 1 inch and charge flat rates per hour of service required.


Blizzard Clause

Price quoted is for snowfalls up to six (6) inches of accumulation plowed at one time. If the snowfall is constant, we will plow as often as necessary to maintain a safe environment with each plowing being a seperate charge. For a single plowing of snowfall accumulation over six(6) and up to twelve (12) inches, the charge will be one and one half (1.5) times the quoted price. For a single plowing of snowfall accumulations over twelve (12) inches the price will be double the quoted price.


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same problem

In many of my contract I states ___$ per visit otf 2-4" and as many times needed as not to build up a large amount. In the future I will put a per inch chart, but for this last blizzard I do not want to lose mmy shirt only fairly charge accordingly. In several cases I provided one complete visit at 18" any suggestion on how to deal with a surcharge & letter if I can?



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My contracts are drawn up as follows:
>$XXX for plowing from 2-5" per plowing
>Price increases 50% for 6-9"
>Price increases 100% for 10" & up
We rarely get 5" or more here, but I have my butt covered if it does.


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My contract are the set up so that from 0 to 5 inches the fixed price covers it then it is prorated after that. So 6 inches is the 5 inch price plus 1/5 8 inches is 5 inch price plus 3/5 10 inches is double 15inches is triple and so on.


We charge base rate for under 4", add 50% for 5-6" and double the base rate for 7" or more. Most of our snows fall into these catagories. We did have a 14" with heavy drifting and a heavy 8" but we still did not turn out too bad. We will add a clause in next year for heavy snows but it is not too much of a concern right now.

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Someone mentioned a while back about a clause they put in their seasonals saying something like "price good for up to 80 inches this winter". They figured about 10 percent over average, and then they will charge extra beyond that.

I though that was an excellent idea for those who have seasonals, and would have already kicked into effect here this year.

I would like to research that for next season.

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JVS,I would charge 6x the 3-4" rate for 18".I actually wouldnt plow 18",because id get there at 6-12 and 18 ideally,when we got the 20" i got to everyone at least twice,and plowed 9-11"each time.If you dont have extra money for extra inches in your contract-good luck getting the extra money-at this point.I have the option of going hourly in a blizzard too,which i did with a few accounts that couldnt accurately be billed per push due to snow accumlating as fast as we could move it.

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