Contract Curiosity.


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Bryan, Ohio
What dollar amount are you're contracts worth for a 2" snow?

Im only at about 400.00 for (Keep clear accounts)

450.00 for 4" snow.

Per push.... Is that good for a first year?

Just wondering what the big dogs have accumulated in accounts.

Also, If you noticed the Keep clear, instead of 2" trigger.

I had one of my accounts change from a 2" trigger to Keep clear because we recieved 1.25" and they wanted it done anyway. Anyone else have triggers like that? Just a tad foggy on my new trigger.

Any comments?


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Well, you didn't mention he size of the jobs.

I do have a few "keep clear" accounts, and I do charge $400. They are average drives about 30 ft long by 10 ft.

But then I may have a different amount of plowable events per year than you.


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A normal 2" storm we would plow/ shovel all accounts and sand/salt all accounts the day of the strom and also reapply the next morning. If we did all that we would have four trucks run for about 17 hours and loader with a pusher run about 8 hours, so that would be about 76 man hours. We would apply about 22-25 tons of material either sand/salt mix, straight salt or ice melt on walks. If we billed out the storm that way we would send out invoices for about $9,000.00 for 2". But most of our accounts are contracts so we do not get paid by the storm, we get paid by the season with a figure divided into 5 monthly payments. But when we figure out a seasonal contract we figure out how much we would charge per plowing multiply that figure by 12 which is our typical winter and multipy the sanding/ice control times 18 and that is how we figure out our seasonal total. I hope this helps. I am sure that there are alot of guys out there that make a lot more money per storm than us, but that is what we do. Just my two cents. Sorry this Post was so long


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S. Maine
Our roads, warehouses, office buildings, condos and such are based on season contract not snowfall amount! We get money in every month wether we plow or not! After many years of estimating snowfall and the economy we put out our prices that way. All our employees are on salary pay till spring so its much more simple for accounting aspects and our employees get a weekly check regardless.

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