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GreenBay, WI
Hey guys,
I am having a problem with corroded connections on my Hiniker and am wondering if there is a tool out there for getting in and cleaning the connections well. I sprayed some good contact cleaner in there but how the heck do you get inside the small holes to clean? Is there a small wire brush set out there?

It's getting cold here so it may as well snow.



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northern Wi.
I have used steel wool and a small pair of forceps or tweezers,Twist up a small piece and spin it in and out of the sockets.
A couple years ago I bought some small spiral wire brushes from McMaster Carr supply company 630 834 9600
They have many types of brushes perfect for this,I usually get stainless steel.


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The Works Toilet Bowel Cleaner

Here is a little trick I've used. Raid your wife's cleaning supplies for the toilet bowel cleaner, use "The Works" brand, and apply to the corroded connections. Be careful of spilling on bare aluminum or painted surfaces, it is quite caustic. Usually you can see bright copper very quickly, once they appear clean, rinse liberally with water, and apply dielectric grease.

Let me know how it goes


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