Considering v plow--Boss vs. Hiniker vs. Lobo?


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I 've searched and have not acquired the information I am looking for. I'm confused on what V plow would be best suited for my snowplowing needs. I push half driveways and half commercials lots under 2 acres. The questions I'm concerned about is which V-plow will back drag the driveways the best. I've been told that the Hiniker V hydraulic cyclinder does not hold straight when back dragging because the cyclinder does not lock. On the other hand, Boss has an optional $275.00 Smart-Lock Cyclinder that claims it locks when back dragging! Has anyone purchased the Smartlock and how does it perform on back drags? Another question is under these conditions ---Live in Indiana -maybe 4 good snows a year tops- I would be putting this plow on a 99 F-350 4X4 (single rear wheel) truck; should I go with an 8ft or 9ft V -plow given this information. I currently have an 8 ft straight blade on another truck now. Its seems in all the threads that have been posted, that majority favor the efficiency of the V-plow and how well it works. But will it work for me? By the way, I have listed these 3 V plows since they are the only dealers within 50 miles of home. Thanks for any feed back.


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"V" plows

Allen, to help answer you question of size of "V" with a single wheel truck you should stick with the 8', 8'2" or 8'3" V-blade, the 9' blade is designed for a dual wheel truck when fully angled straight will cover the tire paths. If you are plowing driveways and lots, you may want to consider plowing the driveways with the straight blade and lots with the "V" blade. There is no doubt on the lots you will save a lot of time with a "V" blade and its capabilities. I am not saying you can't use the "V" on driveways, but you will be primarily using the straight position and on every "V" made, there is a trickle of snow that is missed in the center where it "V"'s. As for brand, I won't comment since I work for Sno-Way. I can tell you if you want to see a Lobo "V" you can contact me through e-mail.


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I would also look at the Western/Fisher V I would think you would have a Western dealer in your area. These plows use a dual cylinder to move the wings. This means they will hold in any position. Also they operate on a trip edge which I feel is the only way to make a V.

For that truck you need a minimum of 8.5ft so I would go with a 8.5 Western on 9ft other brand.


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I have a 2000 Ford F350 PSD single wheel and run a Fisher 8.5 V plow on it. Works fine. I also have a 1999 Ford F350 PSD w/ dual wheels and run a Boss 9.2 V plow with the smartloc cylinders. This also works fine.

Boss cylces quicker than Fisher. Boss easier to put on than Fisher. I have used Fisher plows for 25 years and they have held up fine. Only two years with the Boss.

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At the risk of offending someone I will say that I do not believe the Snow-way is a true V. It has a centre section with two large wings. With the Boss "horse hoof" between the two blades the trickle of snow is non existant. The Fisher/Western bottom trips in any position. The Boss does not trip very well in the V (scoop). Just a question, with 4 snows a year is it worthwhile spending the extra money on a V? If it is I would choose Boss. We have been very happy with ours. Good luck.

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As others have posted on this board before a V-PLOW really shines in commercial work. IMO if you do the math and it takes you an extra couple of years to pay for it over a straight blade I would probably go for the straight blade. If the extra expense isn't much I would go for the V.


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We are at least 30% more effiecient with the V plow, so the extra 500.00 takes like 2 storms to pay for its self. Do that math, v plow all the way, especially if you only have one truck.

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I have the BOSS 8'2" V without the smart lock. I have no problem back dragging. Yeah when back dragging heavy stuff, it tends to go back to scoop position. I have my return springs tightened up pretty good so this is minimal. I don't quite understand how the Smart Lock cylinders work, so I will stick with what I have.

On a V plow, allong with the minimal center snow windrow, you also dont have the most efficient rollin action to one side when in the angle position. It seems that the snow hits the hinge and prevents it from flowing over to the other wing. I find myself taking smaller "bites" when plowing to the side than I would with a straight blade. BUT you save so much time with the V that it is hardly noticable.

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I have an 9'1" Lobo V plow by sno-way. It is on a 89 F-250 4X4 Ex cab with a 6.9(I know it should be a 7.3)Diesel and 5 speed manual trans. Have not had one thing go wrong with the plow after my first season (3&1/2 months) of plowing. All on gravel, dirt & pitrun rock(tuff on all equipment). It tips out just as it should, and the truck will push more than the plow can hold. Plow wings only move when thay hit something solid or overloaded. I plan on doing contract work this year, as last year was for experance. I've added air bags to the front to help with the weight of the plow. A must with any plow over 500#s. The Lobo by Sno-way is the only plow I know of with the down pressure. That made it the only choise for me. Contrary to other notes I've read the down pressure is more than just 300-500lbs of weight, it keeps the blade from bouncing. Saying a lot of wear and tear on ME and my truck. If you realy look at the other V plows you will see the Lobo is more than all the others at a better or equal price.(look at all of them that have been used, most dealers will send you to a coustomer with what you want to see. Or may have many at his shop that need repair(like the boss dealer near me)Guess why I did not buy a boss!


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Central Indiana
I am just north of you by 60 miles or so... I can give you plenty of insite on the boss plow. I have plowed for 10years with straight blades and for 2 with the boss V and will never go back. If you want to try one you can use mine for a demo. It is on a new dodge ram. Use caution who you buy the blade from in indy! I got stuck with a cheap deflector instead of the boss rubber..... you wont need the smartlock cylinders unless you are moving a ton of snow in reverse.... the boss' new smart hitch system is awesome and the two post headlights are cool too. wish I had them but mine is a year old:(

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We run all Sno-Way, 2 staight and one vee. The downpressure makes backdragging downright impressive. Only plow I've ever seen that could pull so much snow backwards that you have to be careful not to get hung up in it. I've found that it is wise to raise the plow while you're moving backwards to spread the pile a little.

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