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Connector swaps.

Discussion in 'Hiniker' started by Laszlo Almasi, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    I've had a couple of requests for photos and info on the connector swap out I did on my Hiniker so I decided to start a new thread on it.

    In the photos, you will see the connectors with their caps on and off. You will want to build up caps like I did too in order to keep the grime out of your pins. Also, by having caps built up for both the truck and plow sides, you will be able to snap the male/female caps together and toss it in your truck when the plow is hooked up and everything will stay lubed up when you disconnect again.

    Make sure you have different sizes so when your hands are cold and you have gloves on, it'll be easier to get everything connected properly without any hassles. I also do not run the mounting plate. I just loop the harness back into the engine compartment when not in use.



    Last edited: Dec 10, 2010
  2. My bowtie

    My bowtie Senior Member
    Messages: 279

    I read somewear, might have been on here, were someone used 7 way round trailer plugs
    for replacements on there hiniker.

    I also didnt use the mounting plate either.
  3. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    That could work too but I like having a secure cap that snaps on, is waterproof and will keep any salt/grime out of my greased pins.
  4. dmueller71

    dmueller71 Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    I actually used a 7 pin and a 4 pin trailer harness, and they've been good for 4 years now. The factory setup really sucked
  5. dforbes

    dforbes Senior Member
    Messages: 247

    Where did you purchase these conectors? Looks like a good setup.
    Thanks Dennis
  6. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    I got them at a NAPA store. It was well worth the expense and time to swap them out. For anyone that is thinking about using these the first thing you'll think is: "Why didn't this setup come like this to begin with?"
  7. dforbes

    dforbes Senior Member
    Messages: 247

    Thanks, i will be putting these on my V plow. Last year the jack stand came loose and kinda tore things up. The connectors were not holding good. I managed to fix them with a hose clamp, but have been looking for a more permanent solution. These will work great.
  8. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    Make sure you make dummy ends to cap the connectors in the off season. FYI, the connectors come in different parts/packages so make a list of how many wires you have and try to make one trip. If you want any help, you can contact me at my direct e-mail and I'll be glad to help out. You can go thru the site PM but direct e-mail will be quicker: iceangels@ec.rr.com or cooltoys@ec.rr.com
  9. tkoyen

    tkoyen Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    I know this is an old thread, but I just found it. I've had nothing but troubles with the crap Hiniker plug, so I'm going to do the same thing Laszlo did. Thanks for the great suggestion.

    The next challenge is how to get the plow onto the truck reliably.

  10. Eric67ct

    Eric67ct Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    C-Plow (8801) Connector Upgrade

    I agree that the stock plugs really suck. Even though I clean and grease the connectors, I occasionally run into a solid electrical connection issue.

    Does anyone have pictures with pin-outs on how to convert this to a trailer-style plug?

  11. SnoFarmer

    SnoFarmer PlowSite Fanatic
    from N,E. MN
    Messages: 9,883

    just match the color of the wires.
    blue to blue
    blue with tracer to blue with tracer etc etc

    i tried the cheep flat trailer connecters.
    I'm looking for something better.
  12. Eric67ct

    Eric67ct Junior Member
    Messages: 10

    What type of trailer connector would you recommend for a replacement? Picture/links would help.

  13. SnoFarmer

    SnoFarmer PlowSite Fanatic
    from N,E. MN
    Messages: 9,883

    I was hoping this thread might help me too.

    Right now it has what is leftover from the flat trailer plugs on it.
    That's how I know you won't be happen with them.

    I'm might try a plug for a boss plow or a competitors plug.

    The plug is the weakest part by far.
  14. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    You guys need to scroll up and look at the photos I posted of mine. Trust me, you will not regret doing this upgrade the way I did.
  15. 1997chevy

    1997chevy Senior Member
    Messages: 103

    I might have to do this To mine. This is the third time now that the plow suddenly drops into float mode all by itself. After it does that nothing will move up/left/right/scoop/v.

    Usually if I play with the connectors at the grill it will work again. Tonight I couldn't get it working again so this might solve my issues
  16. hinikersnowplow

    hinikersnowplow Member
    from on aol
    Messages: 53

    15 year owner of hiniker plow and still got factory plugs
  17. Laszlo Almasi

    Laszlo Almasi Senior Member
    Messages: 326

    I think you're the exception. Not saying it can't happen but the factory plugs just suck IMO. Love my c-plow...but why scrimp on the connector? It only took one small bit of salt to corrode thru two of my pins.