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Seymour IN
Well after reading this months copy of Landscape Management I noticed a member of this site in it, lisited as one of the 10 Great medium sized firms, John Allin. We have never really talked however I find great encourgment at my age of 27 when I see people with companies of this size and being able to get input from them......lucky we are.....and Mid sized???? Revune goals of 20 million for 2001 mid sized?????? I must be micro........size..........Keep it up John.......You make me want to thrive as well.....
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Back on the web after 3 month and one of the first thing i notified was Mr Allin snow business improvment. Thanks to share your success with us.

Congratulation to Chuck, for now being a part of this team.

The result of hours and hours of hardworking. It probably not happens during a weather channel rerun. lol

Chuck Smith

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Welcome back Denis. I was wondering what happened to you!

Can you post that link to the Canadian plow, with the hydraulic wings on it again?


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Erie, PA
Geez Chuck..... 3:30 AM.... I was leaving Erie just about the same time.

And, they think we are having fun at this !!

It ain't winter yet !!


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I am not sure what size wing plow you are looking for, but I ran across this one awhile ago when looking for a back blade. It now has a hydraulic option to fold and unfold the wings.


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