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Condo/Townhouse Driveways

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Jay ALC, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Jay ALC

    Jay ALC Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    Hello all,
    It's been a while since I posted any question here but after a lot of seaching and reading I thought I'd post this one for those that may have experienced something very similar.

    A friend and fellow contractor here asked me if I could take on 35 driveways that are townhouses. Since I just bought a new skid loader he thought of me for this one because they specified the driveways to be done with a skid loader or tractor only. This of course would be subcontracting for him which is fine by me as he has the seasonal contract on the places. They are setup with two units connected like a duplex and each has a 20' x 50' driveway. I looked at them today and we can, using the loader, backdrag each drive into the street which he maintains also then push it off from there. They can be done any time withing 24hrs after the snowfall has finished which means they are something to do after usual operations for us. I would be transporting the loader to the site with a truck and trailer each event. Now that I've layed out some background my question is in hourly rate. He needs me to quote him an hourly rate for the service and I wasn't sure where to come up with that one and maybe an X hours minimum or also maybe a transport fee? I know I want at least $60 an hour as any bobcat service is but I'm thinking more like $100 an hour. I'm just looking for any info or advice on this one. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Plow Babe

    Plow Babe Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    In our market, something like this would be priced in this ballpark:

    $110 per hour, 2-hour minimum. A transport fee based on distance and how long it will take you to transport round trip (Figure average time, and base on same hourly rate to come up with flat transport fee.)
  3. Jay ALC

    Jay ALC Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    Thank you for the quick reply, that is where I was headed with my numbers but still looking for any input and advice to make sure I'm double checking myself.
  4. Snoworks

    Snoworks Senior Member
    Messages: 466

    Jay - I dont know if this type of account would be worth your while to take. If you were plowing at 5 Min. a driveway, which should be high for a skidsteer, in the type of account you are talking about. You would only have 2 hours of work for your efforts.

    How far is this account from where your skid steer is located?
    Is the contractor willing to pay for travel time?

    As far as pricing goes, $100.00 an hour and up, thats what I will commonly get around here for sub work. If it is on an account of mine, it goes up to about $150.00 an hour.

    Chuck B.
  5. wyldman

    wyldman Member
    Messages: 3,265

    You should be getting more than a $100 per hour if possible.The faster you are,the less money you make.Don't forget the headache of waiting for people to move cars,etc.

    Maybe a per push,or per driveway charge would be better,then you benefit if your more productive.He would also have a fixed cost to work with as well.

    Transport fee is also a good idea,or you bill him for travel time to and from the site.
  6. Haden61

    Haden61 Member
    from Iowa
    Messages: 45


    Our company use trucks with front and rear plows. We have used the truck,trailer,bob cat combo. The truck with 2 plows is much more efficient for us, 1 set of tires, 1 motor, in the warm truck all the time and faster travel time, no wear on the trailer/bobcat. Do you have to deice or apply any thing after plowing? Our contracts call deicer. Good luck which ever way you go. Let it Snow! Haden61