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    Need some professional input here guys!!! I just picked up
    a condiminum snow removal account of 9 buildings. The drives are short (approximately 25 feet long) and wide enough to fit two cars comfortably. Also, i have to clear the walks to the drive which are at the most 15 feet. It will take approximately 20-30 minutes each drive. Do you have a set rate you would charge for each building or would you charge by the hour? Thanks for your input!!!
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    $135.00 plus sanding add another $65.00 so it comes to $200.00 a storm times however many average storms you get. Our Townhouses and condominiums we maintain we put on a summer and winter billing. Like for one for instance total contract is $11,000.00yr $6500.00 is for winter service and $4500.00 for summer we then divide both by 6months. So winter will be paid starting in November and ending in April at $1083.34 a month. Summer is then from May till October at $750.00 a month. Now we average 10 storms a year so when we do a estimate we do so at 13 storms to give us some leway and mowing we get 18 to 19 and estimate at 20. So if you get an average of 10 storms at $200.00per storm thats $1000.00 then you put them on a 4 or 5 month payment plan that way you get paid wether it snows or not!!
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    We do townhouse complexs we get $ 180 per unit for season, most are double drives, two cars deep. side walk 65.00 ea for season shovel only.
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    Is there a max # of inches for your $180 contract?
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    No limit to number of inches, last year when I got the property I talked to the contractor who had it several years before, he's no longer in business got out of landscaping & snowplowing for personal reasons(divorse) not that he wasn't making money, he's a friend of a friend, still had numbers, his contract had been for 0-80 inches was one price,+80-100 inches some amount more, 100+ per inch, they wanted a season price, I based it on, I think 110 inches. Anyway last year we had around 110 inches, average is 94+/- inches we plowed 17 trips, at 3-4 hours each, still made more than any other place average around 130+ hour.
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    I guess you have to eat it if you get a real bad winter? If not, how do you handle excessive conditions? I'm in central NJ. Average snowfall is around 24". I tried capping my contracts to 20-24". I'm too gun shy, being this is my first season and with everyone saying it's going to be a bad year. I don't want to be stuck plowing for nothing.
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    Look at it this way, during the light years, they are pre-paying for those big storms in the future. Not eating anything, nobody is griping when the check comes in and you never plowed that month are they ;) ?
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    We cap our contracts with in 5-10" of our average. That way they are covered for a normal winter. If we get more snow they pay per inch above the cap. If we recieve alot less than our annual average, we will apply a portion of the last payment to the first payment next season. If they sign a mulit year contract, all highs and lows are thrown out.
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    All my commercial contracts are two years, thats all I send out any more, you can't solict new work if your out reselling old customers their contract, or waiting for their contract to come in. I started doing this last year with that property, thisis the last year on their contract, going to try VERY hard to get it resigned in April, one less thing to worry about next fall, I can cut a preety good price (very little change in price in their contract & I'm making good money there why price myself out, as we have 50-75% of commercial properties in that areas plowing already signed for next year. I can comfortably say we have around 10 truck hour worth in around 1/2 mile area + 15 private residential drives. We have a skidsteer at the townhouse complex, goes from that one to another one down the road & one truck to do lots.