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Alan Addict
Connected with Todd (Tru-Cut) today and made a trip to Concord to E.W. Sleepers'. Met Vince and Dino there, got to see Vince's urethane edges, will definately be putting one on next year. Checked out a nice plowtruck/spreader, 9ft plow and both side and rear spinners on an internal belt delivery system. Only snag was that it was on a Ford (nothings perfect)550 4wd chassis. <p>Not as much stuff there as I had hoped there would be, but still a good way to pass the day. Was nice meeting some of the folks who post here and Todd was excellent company for the trip down. I just hope he feels the same about me.
Concord wasn't bad at all. It was good to meet faces from the other side of the screen.<br>I'm sure that everyone there learned a little more about the types of equipment that are available that you didn't know existed. There is another get together towards the end of May up at Gunstock ski area in New Hampshire. I'll post the dates as soon as they are available to me. I'm told that it will be two to three times bigger than this open house was.<p>I know that I got a lot of good information from both Todd and Alan and since I spend a lot of phone and e mail time with Dino he keeps me very well posted on things that can be done and built for our industry.<p>Anyway it was good to meet you guys and look foward to our next get together.<p><br>vince

tru cut Veteran
alan and vince pretty much sumed it up,alan was good company and good to met him,vince & alen said i to will get a edge next year thay look realy good.<p>vince, let us know on the next one i might go again if theres more their<p>dino, let me know if you try the one peice edge on the v<p>alan ,what did you find out about the blower <p>----------<br>Todd <br>

Alan Addict
Vince, is that show at Gunstock the one that NH DOT is involved with in some capacity? I have seen articles about some big highway oriented equipment show held up in that area but always after the fact so I've never managed to go.<p>Also, there used to be a show hosted by Mass. Highway Assoc. held at Ft. Devens. Late September as I recall. Went to that one one year but haven't been able to find dates for it the last couple years. That was a pretty good show, do you know anything about it?

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