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    I am getting very close on my old e47 just a couple more questions. When I angle left and let off the switch the plow.will stop smoothly and quietly. When I angle right and stop it will clunk and rock truck. It does this no matter how far I angle right. Any thing to worry about. Thanks.
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    I had that same problem on mine before a snow this year. I had a buddy put the plow on for me and when he hooked the a frame to the truck side he didnt have the pin through the ear just the truck side. Might want to check that first.
  3. OP

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    I will check that. Thanks. Is there anything in the hydros that would cause this.
  4. B&B

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    It's normal, all Meyer pumps do it when using any control style other than a hand held (touch pad or pistol grip). Just the nature of the combination and nothing to be concerned with.
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    Your system is designed to angle left when there is a failure of coils or valves. I would check your mount and if it's ok I would run it.