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compressing older trip springs

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by nichols, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. nichols

    nichols Member
    Messages: 47


    I have an older blade (pre powdercoating era) that I just painted. I'm looking for a way to compress the trip springs. These are the springs that don't have the hole through the top of the spring "bar", for lack of a better term.

    If there isn't an easy way, I'll probably weld up a contraption to accomplish this, but I'm hoping I won't have to. :D I've seen mention of the Fisher spring compressor tool, but the only one I've seen works with the new style springs, and not the old style.


  2. BoulderBronco

    BoulderBronco Senior Member
    Messages: 233

    I am not sure I am familiar with the "older spirngs". So there is no flat bar going though the center of the spring and then through the "plate" welded parallel with the ground to the back of the plow? How does the spring stay in? Any chance you could get a pic? I just redid my springs this fall but I think mine are the "newer springs" even though the plow is around 15 years old. I used a spring compressor that I rented from Checker auto parts. It was not exactly the right tool but it did work. It was a bit dangerous though because it was not right. I took my time and was very careful but it did work.
  3. Nascar24

    Nascar24 Senior Member
    Messages: 645

    Home Made Compressor

    This is compressor I made for all Fisher plows, it even works with the plow on the truck!

    You'll notice that it slides. I use a 4-ton porta power with a 6" extension as the Jack to compress the spring ( Not Shown)
  4. nichols

    nichols Member
    Messages: 47

    Well, I checked out your description of this tool posted in another thread, and then checked out the pictures, and broke out the welder and some scrap stock and fabbed one of these up tonight. I'm not going to post pictures, because compared to yours, it's pretty fugly. :) I took some creative liberties because I was a little tool limited. One of these days, I really need to get a hydraulic punch...

    Anyway, long story short, this thing kicks major ass. It took me about an hour and a half to fab it up, and then about ten minutes to put the springs on. Totally sweet. I don't have a Porta power, so I removed the 16 ton jack from my tubing bender and used that instead. It worked AWESOME!!

    If anyone in/around Worcester or Framingham in Massachusetts needs to borrow it, let me know!

    Thank you SO MUCH for posting the description and pictures!! Hell, if you're in my area anytime soon, I owe you a beer or two for sure.