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Not to say that anyone can predict the weather, but the forcasts that have been given have made me come to the conclusion that, besides reading the farmer's almanac in Oct, that looking out the window may be the best way to determine the weather still.

For example, Suddenly this morning we are getting predictions for 4+ inches, and now, sun. afternoon, looking at up to 12+ inches. On Friday, weatherman were discussing the return of El Nina, warming temperatures, and the thought of winter being completely over.

These guys should just give it up at this point. Outside of 24 hours, there is just no point at looking at the weather forcasts these days.

Granted, they are good at giving decent predictions ONCE the storm has started , but until the first flake drops, I think its all a crap shoot. For all that matters, I wish that groundhog could talk, because I'd take his word over 99% the weatherman's any day.



steveair, yeah I agree. Most of the time around here all the weather ever says is chance of flurries. And that can mean anything from a light dusting to knee deep snow. I guess they just want to cover themselfs because they don't really know. But like you said there pretty good about keeping up with it once it starts, so it does come in handy for that I guess.

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What you're dealing with is the other side. Around here in Ohio They predict 1"-3", 3"-6" etc. or for instance freezing rain, sleet and then boom it clouds up ... it unclouds and we have warm weather. My truck is getting lonley and wants to come out and play. You can figure how the bank account feels. 110% agree with you about the weatherman being as luckless as a crapshooter (maybe thaat name says something?). I am just about to use the string forecaster. You hang a piece of string outside on a stick and if it is moving it is windy, if it is dripping it is raining, if it is stiff it is cold and there is moisture around, and if you can't see it (daytime of course) go fire up the plow truck. LOL

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I know what you mean. I was telling a few of my family and friends the last couple of days about the return of the El Nina weather event. I was predicting an early spring after all the mild weather of late. Now I guess I have to eat my words KYW if you know which radio station that is is predicting 4-8 inch's of the white stuff for my area 30 miles Northeast of Philly. I guess I'm one of those weather channel geeks that spends too much time looking at the maps and data and not looking out the window. Any other weather geeks out there?


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Oh, and another thing....

Why the hek does the weather channnel have a symbol of 'rain clouds' and a caption of wintery mix on one page for the forecast tomorrow, and then in the detailed forecast, go into saying 5-10inches of snow. Stupid idiots!

Oh, and one more thing....Why the hell couldn't the storm happen today! Tomorrow, 8 hours of the storm will be during my regular OT. If it hit today, $$$$$$ for me..... I hate the weather now. How else am I suppose to pay for all those fruitless expenditures of tools I win on ebay if I don't get any OT.


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The replacement name for Weatherforcaster, or Meteorologist is:


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That groundhog can talk but only to Pa.natives,around Pa we have spanish german french and yes groundhog talk.Its a little harder to learn than those other ones.It took me ten years of being a self employed landscaper.I can communicate pretty good now.

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Here in Grand Rapids they are guessing anywheres from big snow Thursday to temps in the 40's. Makes for a lot of fun trying to decide whether or not to order more salt because we do have a shortage around here.


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I don't trust the weather people for anything other than the temperature. To get a feeling for snow, rain, etc. I am beginning to think I should head down the the old folks home and askif anyone has any aches or pains that they associate with precip.

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I have also pretty much given up on the forecast. I just set the alarm early, get up in the morning and take a look. Today that means there is work to do...

Now thats whats wrong with society today. I am just as guilty as the next of pointing the blame at times. I just dont understand it when people get upset with the Meterologists or Foercasters for their area.

I dont know about the rest of ya, but where Im from its always been common knowledge that they cant tell their head from a hole in the ground. So if we all know this - why not find another means for gageing the weather??

Actually the reason for my rant was this. There was a site that has now been replaced by the Weathercenter. It used to have what the temps and conditions were going to be for the upcoming year. And it so close to dead accurate it was scary. Has anyone seen it in the past or know where it went. I cannot remember the url but I will try to get it from my mother, because she has used it alot and swore by it.

Thanks for listening.


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I looked at the site on Jan. 18 and did a print out for 1/23 up to 3/17.

On Jan. 18th, weather planner called for snow or snow showers on Monday 2/5, well they were right. They called for snow or snow showers for 2/3 we had a slight dusting the night of 2/2.

For 2/6 through 2/8 they predicted clear weather with temps of mid 20's to lo 40's, again relatively on the money.

On Jan. 18th they predicted chance of mixed precip for 2/9 and snow or snow showers for 2/10

Local weather is calling for rain tomorrow. and cold but sunny weather for the weekend.
So far from what I can see they (weatherplanner) seem accurate. I haven't compared the printout I did on 1/18/01 to their current dates to see if things have changed for now through 3/17, Might do that now just to see for myself