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How many of you guys give your employees company trucks. I mean a truck that they can take home with them all year round, not just when it snow? Do you think it's a good idea or a bad idea.<p>I have a few company trucks issued. I have found that these guys wash the trucks and clean them inside and out. They look mint only the genral trucks never get cleaned, because someone different may drive them everyday. I buy the cleaners the guys want, and they clean their trucks up about every 4 or 5 weeks, and the inside still looks brand new. <p>What do you guys think? Am i just lucky and have good help or what?<p>I am thinking of allowing more trucks to be taken home, what do you think, should i set up some sourt of agreement?<p>Geoff<br>

John DiMartino Veteran
Your lucky to have good help,some guys around here take their company trucks off roading knee-deep and beat them up so bad that you'd want to die when you see them.The same guys complain when trans goes out and rear blows because it has 3 quarts of mud in it.2v year old trucks look 8 years old.I agree that if you have good help,it is better to have them take the truck than for it to sit and rust and have multiple drivers all the time.It stops finger pointing ,and dead batterys too.A great insentive to work for you as well,shows your trust for them and gives them rersponsibility.<p>----------<br>John D<br>


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The foremen take trucks home year round. It's part of their benefit package. There is some responsiblity that come with the territory, though.<p>We'll have them pick up a part or a plant at 7:00am during the summer months on the way in to work. We'll have them pick up stuff/somebody during the winter months as needed.<p>I can't say they take as good of care as your guys do. My guys bring their trucks to the shop and wash them there.<p>All in all I'd say it works good if the privilage isn't abused.<br>


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Central PA
Make sure you get something signed saying your not liable if the employee uses the truck outside of Normal time. We had a situation a few years back some's employee was driving a truck on a Sunday to run to the store for some personal parts. Well he got in a pretty good wreck and the folks who got hurt are going after the contractor because it was his truck even though he used it on personal time.

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