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Anoka , Mn.
I was just wondering how you guys
communicate between trucks during a storm.
Do you use dedicated radios , cell phones , CB's ?

Any of your input will help

Thanks, Chad


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All of our trucks and our loader have mounted two way radios, we rent repeater space and also have a talk around channel for when we are in the same lot. They work great, we also have a few handhelds one for the office and one if we have a sub working or someone in the skid steer. A few of my drivers also have there own cell phones and i also have a cell phone. This all seems to work pretty good. Just my two cents


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Nextel w/cell phone...if a client has a problem they can reach us in the field.

2 shot

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Anoka , Mn.

Thanks for the info , you're all really
quick to answer anybody's questions
nice to have this resource to fall
back on !!!!!!


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Toledo Oh Hi Oh
cell phones are too expensive
we use 2 cb's and 250 watt line amps for communications from home to my truck to let me know about calls for service, we can reach each other anywhere within a 30 mile radius

Somerville MA.
We used cb's for awhile but being in the city the interference was teribble with the buildings and the antenna's are too high for backing into underground garage's. So now its cell phones.

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We only have three trucks (4 if you include the guy who subs for me) and we use cell phones. My phones are on a package that includes unlimited evenings (after 6pm) and weekends so for plowing it doesn't cost too much.

GeoffD Veteran
Business Band radios, aren't the cheapest thing out there, at 375 bucks for a installed unit, and a portable at 600. However once you get a system you will never want to leave it. Our system has 2 channels and a talk around frequency.