Common Leaks for the E47

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    So I have been chasing the leaks on my E47 for a couple weeks now. The plow was freezing up so I replaced the fluid and started fixing leaks. So far I have replaced all the hoses and the fittings, I have tightened the ram nuts and checked for pitting on the rams and lift. Where are the common leaks and places water gets in on these pumps?
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    common leaks E47

    Most of the time the couplers on your angle rams will be the place water is drawn into the system i usually replace mine every couple years this includes the swivel coupler at pump,and i have not had any freezing problems since doing this my pump is 22 years old. Hope this helps Don.
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    I did notice that the couplers are leaking now that is my next thing to change we'll see how that goes
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    Just remember loc, if the fluid can get out, water can get in.