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Colorado snow update

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Plow Babe, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Plow Babe

    Plow Babe Senior Member
    Messages: 218

    Hi everyone! It started snowing the afternoon of February 21 and we had snow every day through March 1, had a couple of days to recover, then another storm March 4. In this two week period, we got about three feet of snow. The news was saying that we are finally getting close to having the first "normal" winter since 1997, so this is good news for all the Denver landscapers. Hopefully they will lift the restrictions banning new planting -- that has to hurt!

    We were clearing six inches on the 22nd, another six inches on the 23rd, just a couple of inches on the 24th, but spent a lot of time pushing piles back, clearing up the berms from the road plows, etc. Then another three inches on the 25th, five inches on the 26th, four inches on the 27th, just an inch on the 28th, so we took a day of rest:D Then another three inches on the 1st. The evening of March 4 brought in another six to eight inches, which we cleaned up on the 5th, then spent the 6th pushing piles back, clearing road berms again, and plowing out areas that had drifted, because we had 40 - 60 mph winds for a couple of days. Steve is out today doing some more pack cutting, push back, cleanup, etc. The sun is out and it is 40 degrees. All the people who don't know that plowing is the most fun you can have in the snow are up on the ski slopes today getting sunburned and trying not to run into each other. I am catching up on the laundry and housework today, but had to come hang out on plowsite.com for awhile!

    Yesterday, I had to run to Denver to pick up a part for our Boss plow. Our one employee is new to plowing this year, and we apparently need to do some more training on paying attention to the plow. Some welds broke, and instead of stopping, he kept plowing with it flopping around, and ended up breaking the lift ram and hydraulic reservoir. So that is getting repaired right now. Other than that, things went well. Our next storm is supposed to come in on Monday, and the weather forcast for the rest of the season is above-average precipitation through March and April. Yippee!!!

    So, our totals for the year so far are: (beginning with our first storm on October 30) 23 plow days, 19 additional days doing push-back and cleanup, for a total of 926 man-hours, and we still have two months to go. (This does not account for Steve's time doing truck maintenance and repairs, or my time doing the office work.) How does this compare with your season so far?:p ;)

    Happy plowing!:waving:
  2. BRL

    BRL PlowSite.com - Veteran
    Messages: 1,277

    Good to hear the drought out there is easing up finally. My wife's brother lives out there near Aspen\Snowmass and they received 64" or so in the past week or 2, so the skiing\boarding has definitely improved.

    "Some welds broke, and instead of stopping, he kept plowing with it flopping around,"

    I don't understand. You mean you're supposed to stop & address the problem? It was still pushing snow, no? ;)

    My driver this year has been real good with that kind of stuff. Got the point across early that if the truck or plow dies, you know there isn't another one sitting in my driveway for you to switch to, so the work will go to subs w\ their equipment. He got the concept real good & has nursed my beater through a rough winter by our standards. I thought for sure it would die within the first couple of plowings, and is slated for replacemnet when it finally gives up.

    Lost track of the hours worked back in January sometime, due to a cold winter, plenty of rain & snow that has produced many salt runs in between plowings. I think I've not done a salt run (including partials & spot saltings) about 6 days since January 1. A full salt run uses about 8-10 hours on average including salting, restocking, maintenance, and washing the trucks down for me. Our average snow fall is 24"\year & we've gotten 48 with more on the way. :D
  3. Rooster

    Rooster Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 650

    Plow Babe,

    Glad to hear of your good fortune!

    Sounds like I might have to consider a road trip from K.C. with all the snow you are getting!!!!

    Let it SNOW!!!

  4. drobson

    drobson Senior Member
    Messages: 112

    Sounds like a very lucrative season, hope the snow keeps coming and the breakdowns don't...
  5. NoSnow

    NoSnow Member
    Messages: 32

    Plow Babe
    Could I get you to push all that snow over to the reservoir? We need the water down here in the flat lands.:waving: