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Cold Air Intake

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by Keith Lynes, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Keith Lynes

    Keith Lynes Junior Member
    Messages: 1

    Hey everyone, my name is Keith. I just purchased a 2000 ram 2500 with the cummins. I love it! It is 100 % stock. I was wondering about a cold air intake kit for my truck. Will I notice a difference when I push the gas? Will it sound better? How about my fuel economy? I am looking at the K & N cold air intake kit for my truck (FIPK II) as well as the two kits that AFE has out. The AFE kit has a gain of about 24hp and the K & N only has a gain of 9.2 hp. I am stuck between the two as to which one to buy. Does anyone out there have either of these two kits? If so , are you happy with them? What changes have you seen in your truck? You can also email me back at joseph_lynes@georgiasouthern.edu. I appreciate the help yall! Thanks. Keith
  2. duh

    duh Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    i have a 2200 dodge ram with the cummins, i put on a k&n , not much difference, you can really hear it sucking in the air, in my opinion its ok what really helped was when i put on a banks monster exhaust with their performance chip, what a jump in horse power and torque, very impressive, the only problem is that i have gone throught 2 torque converters in the last 2 years, ended up taking out the chip, gas mileage suffered when i did but still cheaper then replacing torque converters
  3. Ian

    Ian Member
    Messages: 96

    Look at Dieselram.com in the forum section, yours would be 2nd generation 24 valve.

    If you want to hear the turbo remove the silencer ring. Remove the rubber elbow from the air box to the turbo. You will see the compressor blades of the turbo. There is a ring shaped circle about 4 in. dia. just in front of the turbo. A small snap ring holds it in place. The ring is there to keep the whine of the turbo down. It directs the flow of the air into the turbine blades. Removing the ring has no effect on performance. It just changes the sound.

    On the diesel web site above you will find alot of different air systems discussed. One of the most effective and cheapest (50-70 bucks) to do is called the BHAF ( big honkin air filter ). It is basicly an air filter for a larger diesel truck. They attach to the elbow to the turbo. The stock air box is removed. Most of the people that have the dodges don't like the K&N, especially the type that goes in the stock air box. I haven't tried it but they say the fit in the box is poor and to much dirt gets around the filter. You can see the dirt by the amount that can be wiped off the turbine blades.

    You will find endless info at that site. Highly recommended.
  4. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    you would be better served performance wise by putting in a 4" exhaust system first. The stock intake system can handle more flow than the stock exhaust system will allow- that will also change the sound to more like a semi since most of the mufflers are glasspacks.

    I have a K&N Stock filter- no problems, no great increase either but then I have the stock exhaust too so I didn't expect any. I don't personally like the Cold air systems because of the water invasion concerns-, but I may get over it eventually.
    Seriously- upgrade the exhaust first way more bang for your buck and it has a diurect effect on every other aspct of the CTD engine.