Coating steel blades.

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Just wondering if any of you coat you blades with anything to help rolling and less sticking?
Is so what do you use?
There are so many "non-stick" things out there, I'd like to use something but dunno what.

Also is there anything you would avoid using?


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I have heard of WD40 which would be even more $$$. Like Plowking says it would probably wear off. I have never really used anything just lived with it.


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I agree with Dino..... cooking spray. You also might want to try marvel mystery oil in a small handhelp sprayer. We use this stuff in everything from fuel (gas and diesel), oil, plows and spreaders.

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I tried cooking spray, for me it seemed to make the sticking worse.

What I now do, is coat the blade with used motor oil applied with a rag, if theres no oil left handy I'll spray the blade with silicone spray that I use for the blowers (more $$$ tho).


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This year if we get any snow I was going to try Armorall on the blade.

Last year I did the cooking spray (Pam), wax,(spray, rub on, & car wash) & wd40. They all worked for a short time but didn't last. A good size bottle of Armorall pump spray is around 5-6 bucks and easy to re apply. The pressurised cans don't work in the cold. If we should get any snow this year I'll let you know how it worked.

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I have a poly blade. Went the oil, wax, silicone way in the past. Even poly blades will lose their slickiness. Found out that Armour all works best. and can be re-applied as the season wears on.

Tried it out after reading what kayackers use on their polyethyline

Before the season starts, I spray on several coats, about 2 days apart.

When the season begins, I re-apply as necessary. So far, only to the cutting blade, which is metal. Has worked very well for me.
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I have used WD-40 & motor oil. The motor oil was cheapest & quickest and they both seemed to be equally effective. I have also installed the plastic "plow shields" available from the online parts suppliers (about $50.00) & that worked great.

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I expected a lot of diffrent answers. Not sure what one I'll try. I also realized that fresh snow sticks and old snow dosnt.
Dont really have much of a problem yet as my plow is still new only pushed 7ft total.:) A couple guys asked me if I used anything becasue not much was stuck to the blade, while thay had 1ft hanging off the thing.

thanks guys and keep em comming.