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Clutch Problem

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Ray, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. Ray

    Ray PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 154

    Picked up a used swenson 8' v-box spreader with a 8.5 briggs, and everything works fine except the eletric clutch does not seem to engage. Does anyone know how I can test it other than flipping the switch to see if it engages prior to spending the $150 for a new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

    Five Star Lawn Care LLC Senior Member
    Messages: 426

    what is it doing right now....when you turn the clutch on is it making any noise like a little clunk?....that about when the engine is running when you flip the switch? are you getting a loud skreching noise?.......make sure your getting a full 12V to the clutch

    Also it could be that your drag chain is rusted and not moving...to test this try manually turning the spiner and trying to break the drag chain free....if you cant break it free manually the get a pipe wrench and grab ahold of the gearbox shaft and wrench back and forth on that for a while
  3. plowking35

    plowking35 2000 Club Member
    from SE CT
    Messages: 2,923

    Ray and I working on th unit together. All components are free. We do have 12V to clutch. No clicking sound.
    Bolt holding top of clutch to gear box shaft is broken. We replaced bolt, and it broke again. We would like a pic of a swenson spreader clutch assembly so we make sure ours is installed correctly. We bought this unit used, and want to make sure it is correct.
  4. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

    Five Star Lawn Care LLC Senior Member
    Messages: 426

    swenson i dont know very well...airflo is a differant story

    hopefully it isnt the clutch b/c they are a bear to take off.
    not sure how the swenson spreaders are but on a airflo it is mounted directly on the gearcase shaft with keyway and sproket bolted above.

    it did not look like a pretty site last week when a mech. at our dealer had to get out the cutting torch and cut the clutch in half to break it off.....goodluck:)
  5. Bob Church

    Bob Church Member
    Messages: 86

    Electric Clutch

    Test the unit with an ohm meter. A reading means you have resistance. It you have resistance check the amp draw. If the amps spike the coil insulation may be broken down and the unit must be replaced.